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Second in command to Gabgab Yayip


Unggoy Insurrectionists


Jepjep was a commander of the Unggoy Insurrectionists, second only to Gabgab Yayip


Jepjep was born, like all Unggoy, into what was essentially slavery to the Covenant. Though for most of his life he served the Covenant without question or second thoughts, once he heard of Gabgab Yayip's insurrections he was quick to start planning a rebellion of his own.

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He never got to the point were he could launch an insurrection of his own accord, however; his rise to power came when Gabgab attacked the planet he was stationed at, but was captured after a fluke mishap had disabled his Scarab: quickly rallying his fellow Unggoy to save their "messiah", Jepjep and his 300,000 Unggoy managed to both overthrow the colony and free Gabgab. Grateful for the rescue and amazed at his leaderships skills, Gabgab quickly made Jepjep a member of his inner circle.

Jepejp became something of a preacher for Gabgab, secretly infiltrating Covenant societies and giving sermons of dissension and insurrection to the masses so that when Gabgab arrived, the Unggoy were ready to revolt. Twice he managed to escape capture and death, but the third time he did not escape: used as bait to lure Gabgab into the Arbiter's trap on High Charity, he was promptly killed in order to infuriated Gabgab; the Arbiter had hoped Gabgab's anger would blind him and make him attack prematurely, and so it did, and when Gabgab was killed it made Jepjep's sacrifice useless


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