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Jitji lives

Jitjist graffiti.

Jitjism (pronounced "jeet-jeez-im") is an offshoot of the primary monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, reconciling the human mythology with that of the Covenant. Its name arises from the faith's prophet, the Unggoy Jitji. Jitjism is overseen and promoted by the Council of Seven, dedicated to interpreting Jitji's wisdom.

Principal Beliefs

Jitjists believe that there is a single God who exists outside of the universe and brought the universe into being. All life derives from the Source, an unknown location at which the first lifeforms came into being. Among these first lifeforms were the Flood, the Forerunners, and a hypothetical species referred to as Angels. God then took life from the Source and seeded the planets of the universe.