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The Joint Aviator Responsive Engagement System is a combat helmet designed for marine, navy and air force pilots and aviators, usually operating high speed or deep space interceptor craft. The ARES uses a wide visor giving maximum visibility along the Y and X axis. The visor is self polarising, with protection against radiation, glare, bright light sources, LASER dazzles and electromagnetic interference. The helmet projects its own Heads Up Display with links to the aircraft systems, friendly aircraft and other allied systems. The helmet features head and iris tracking and a panoramic night vision system, using a hybrid night-vision and infra-red system, using a active liquid display. The helmet has a mounted cueing systems allowing the user to target multiple targets, off-boresight missiles, target ground target using external sensors or target craft to their rear or sides. The helmet is linked to the pilot by their neural implant, then linked to the craft by a Hard Line cable. The helmet is sealed and is provided with the option for oxygen supply or 'open taps' normal breathing. The helmet can be attached to a V-3B1 rebreather. With this, it can link to the vehicle's own life support systems. It features a boom microphone which is high quality and capable of filtering out background noise, noise free interruption protected audio systems and a high power, 'dazzle' encrypted, anti-jam wireless links. The ARES seamlessly enhances and speeds up pilot-craft-weapon integration allowing the pilot to select a weapon and deploy it against a target, within or outside his line of sight within two seconds.

The helmet is usually equipped with a M37 Pressure Suit and standard Battle Dress Utilities, without any body armour equipped.

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