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The Joint Operations 1st fleet was the first Joint Operations unit of the Human-Covenant war, formed of the UNSC 22nd Fleet, UNSC 2nd Fleet, the UNSC 13th Fleet and the Elite Fleet of Redemption. It was primarily created around several highly tactical Battle Groups that worked in concert, using newly developed Human-Elite battle tactics. The fleet operated in the Battle of Necropolis, the Second Battle of Earth and the Battle of Doisac.

Battle Groups

Battle Group Cole

UNSC Cole (Myth-class Battleship)

UNSC Kusanagi (Legend-class Battlecruiser)

UNSC Potemkin (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Adamantine (Destroyer)

UNSC Trident(Destroyer)

UNSC Arrestor (Frigate)

UNSC Coalition of Fate(Frigate)

UNSC Arcadia (Frigate)

UNSC Delphinus (Frigate)

Battle Group Spartan

UNSC Spartan (Myth-class Battleship)

UNSC Apocalypse (Legend-class Battlecruiser)

UNSC Yamamoto (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Spear on Loginius(Destroyer)

UNSC Black Eye(Destroyer)

UNSC Biter (Frigate)

UNSC Bloodhound (Frigate)

UNSC Ginryu (Frigate)

UNSC Rising Dawn(Frigate)

Battle Group Whitcomb

UNSC Whitcomb (Myth-class Battleship)

UNSC Dragoon (Legend-class Battlecruiser)

UNSC Baal (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Harrier(Destroyer)

UNSC Tsubasa(Destroyer)

UNSC Eve of Battle (Frigate)

UNSC Night Witch(Frigate)

UNSC Free Falcon(Frigate)

UNSC Hammer(Frigate)

Battle Group Excalibur

UNSC Excalibur (Carrier)

UNSC Thunder Cat (Legend-class Battlecruiser)

UNSC Undaunted Courage (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Vercingetorix (Destroyer)

UNSC Julius Caesar(Destroyer)

UNSC Haunter(Frigate)

UNSC Demonic(Frigate)

UNSC Colonial(Frigate)

UNSC Normandy(Frigate)

Battle Group Gilgamesh

UNSC Gilgamesh (Carrier)

UNSC Casshern (Legend-class Battlecruiser)

UNSC Monolith (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Phariah(Destroyer)

UNSC Griffon(Destroyer)

UNSC Hyperion(Frigate)

UNSC Shallow Grave(Frigate)

UNSC Narcissus(Frigate)

UNSC Axona(Frigate)

Battle Group Gojira

UNSC Gojira (Supercarrier)

UNSC Ryuô (Legend-class Battlecruiser)

UNSC Defender (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Wayland(Destroyer)

UNSC Yutani(Destroyer)

UNSC Savo(Frigate)

UNSC Zepplin(Frigate)

UNSC Never Surrender(Frigate)

UNSC Cypher(Frigate)

Battle Group Sun Tzu

UNSC Sun Tzu (Carrier)

UNSC Axon Gate (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Night Bane (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Rough and Tough(Destroyer)

UNSC Chelsea Smile(Destroyer)

UNSC Crimson (Frigate)

UNSC Wyvren(Frigate)

UNSC Blade of Resistance(Frigate)

UNSC Storm Caller(Frigate)

Battle Group Angel of Freedom

UNSC Angel of Freedom (Carrier)

UNSC Kalashnikov (Halcyon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Victory (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Skinhead(Destroyer)

UNSC Slammer(Destroyer)

UNSC Umbria(Frigate)

UNSC Dark Materials(Frigate)

UNSC Vagrant(Frigate)

UNSC Tiamat(Frigate)

Battle Group Akira

UNSC Akira (Carrier)

UNSC Strife (Phoenix-class Cruiser-Carrier)

UNSC Calibur (Marathon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Ravenholm(Destroyer)

UNSC Hazard(Destroyer)

UNSC Iron Duke(Frigate)

UNSC Minotaur(Frigate)

UNSC Incendiary (Frigate)

UNSC Dante (Frigate)

Battle Group Lilith

UNSC Lilith (Carrier)

UNSC Beacon of Hope (Phoenix-class Cruiser-Carrier)

UNSC Death's head (Halcyon-class Cruiser)

UNSC Cujo (Destroyer)

UNSC Zombie (Destroyer)

UNSC Headlock (Frigate)

UNSC Banshee (Frigate)

UNSC Ramjet (Frigate)

UNSC Blitz Wing (Frigate)

Battle Group Blade of Sangheilios

Blade of Sangheilios (Supercarrier)

Arrow of Conviction (Battlecruiser)

Defender of Honour (Battlecruiser)

Fatal Judgement (Destroyer)

Stalker of Galia (Destroyer)

Honourable Ascension (Frigate)

Seek the Truth (Frigate)

Abbot (Frigate)

Soul Shredder (Frigate)

Battle Group Twilight Abyss

Twilight Abyss (Assault Carrier)

Fearsome Redemption (Battlecruiser)

Sacred Protector (Battlecruiser)

The Favoured (Destroyer)

Sons of Khoral (Destroyer)

Divine Right (Frigate)

Blood Hawk (Frigate)

Justicar (Frigate)

Zealous (Frigate)

Battle Group Blessing of the Oracle

Blessing of the Oracle (Supercruiser)

Repentance of Sins (Battlecruiser)

Harvester of Souls (Battlecruiser)

Dominion (Destroyer)

Invincible (Destroyer)

Dominator (Frigate)

Tyrant Slayer (Frigate)

Arbiter's Wrath(Frigate)

Righteous Fury(Frigate)

Battle Group Perilous Journey

Perilous Journey (Reverance-class)

Blood Reaver (Battlecruiser)

Brother's Revenge (Battlecruiser)

Fortitude (Destroyer)

Fortress of Guardia (Destroyer)

Merciless (Frigate)

Bloodied Sword (Frigate)

Foe-Reaper (Frigate)

Warmaker (Frigate)

Battle Group Burning Hate

Burning Hate (Battlecruiser)

Burning Curse (Battlecruiser)

Burning Redemption (Battlecruiser)

Battle Group Unquenchable Devotion

Unquenchable Devotion (Battlecruiser)

False Messiah (Battlecruiser)

Blade at Dawn (Battlecruiser)

Battle Group Shining Blade

Shining Blade (Battlecruiser)

Favoured of Sangheilios (Battlecruiser)

Divine Favour (Battlecruiser)

Battle Group Pride of the Warrior

Pride of the Warrior (Battlecruiser)

Mistake of the Past (Battlecruiser)

Cumulative Will (Battlecruiser)

Battle Group Unyielding Peril

Unyiedling Peril (Battleship)

Testament of Sorrow (Cruiser)

Annihilative Guilt (Cruiser)

Desolator (Destroyer)

Deathbane (Destroyer)

Steel Fang (Frigate)

Fellclaw (Frigate)

Vendetta (Frigate)

Initiate (Frigate)

Battle Group Ghost of Union

Ghost of Union (Carrier)

Sword and Shield (Cruiser)

Penetrating Blade (Cruiser)

Retaliator (Destroyer)

Purgator (Destroyer)

Ravager (Frigate)

Disciple (Frigate)

Silent Warrior (Frigate)

Triumph (Frigate)

Battle Group Weeping Repentance

Weeping Repentance (Carrier)

Instrument of Damnation (Cruiser)

Noble Warrior (Cruiser)

The Covenanter(Destroyer)

Redeemer (Destroyer)

Punisher (Frigate)

Eternal Faith (Frigate)

Holy justice (Frigate)

Storm Chaser (Frigate)

Battle Group Undying Venegance

Undying Venegance (Carrier)

Holy Task (Cruiser)

Annointed One (Cruiser)

Forge of Honour (Destroyer)

Dirge (Destroyer)

Wind Runner (Frigate)

Vanguard (Frigate)

Stronghold (Frigate)

Bastion (Frigate)

Special Warfare Group I

UNSC Athena (Prowler)

UNSC Minerva (Prowler)

UNSC Artemis (Prowler)

Pious Enlightenment (Stealth Corvette)

Sacred Shadow (Stealth Corvette)

Special Warfare Group II

UNSC Dark Star (Shadow-class Frigate)

UNSC Dark Sun (Shadow-class Frigate)

UNSC Dark Moon (Shadow-class Frigate)

Special Warfare Group III

Dishonourable Assassin (Stealth Destroyer)

Deadly Shade (Stealth Frigate)

Swift Shadow (Stealth Frigate)

Special Operations Group

UNSC Aleous (Corvette)

UNSC Quickfire (Corvette)

UNSC Pubcrawl(Corvette)

UNSC Mudfight(Corvette)

UNSC Starbug (Corvette)