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CAPT John SawyerJoshua Martin while working for ONI.
Joshua Martin
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Chief Petty Officer

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Alpha-9 Division

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November 15, 2537

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Early LifeEdit

Joshua Martin was born on November 15, 2537 on Earth as the son of a wealthy merchant. His mother died of a brain hemorrhage when he was two, and his father was killed by the Covenant while on another planet negotiating trade routes. Joshua was then raised in an orphanage where he gained a reputation for being particularly aggressive. When he turned seventeen Joshua enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps.

Life in the MarinesEdit

Joshua Martin again grew a reputation for being particularly aggressive, and was demoted several times. However, he was an excellent combatant and regularly received medals for his actions. By 2557 he had reached the rank of Sergeant and had received the Colonial Cross for his actions on Yggdrasil. For nearly twelve hours he held off wave after wave of Insurrectionists while the rest of his platoon were incapacitated by injuries. It is estimated he wracked up well more than three hundred kills in that time.

Alpha-9 DivisionEdit

After the events of Yggdrasil, Sergeant Joshua Martin came under scrutiny by the Office of Naval Intelligence. While his aggressiveness was an issue, it did allow him to overcome physical and mental tasks that most couldn't.

Martin was approached by an Alpha-9 recruiter while he was on leave and asked if ONI could assess his abilities. The then Sergeant Martin was then taken to an ONI facility and run through an intense battery of physical and mental tests, all of which he passed. He then accepted the offer to join Alpha-9 and was eventually given Cellular Operator status.