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Kasr 'Revak
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  • Covenant
  • Swords of Sanghelios
  • House of Revak
  • Vassal of House Vadam

"Justice does not wait to be dispensed. It finds a willing vessel, an avatar, with whom to bring wrath down upon its mark. I, am that avatar, and justice will be done"
―Kasr ‘Revak

In the history of the Sangheili, there have been a great many heroes, born to a resplendent House, with a noble lineage that has borne many great heroes. Kasr 'Revak is not counted amongst these. The result of a union between a Noble Swordmaster and a Courtesan, he was raised by his step mother amongst his half siblings, but was always an outcast. Little was expected of him, but he proved himself to be a precocious learner, and a keen warrior, fully deserving of recognition.

He would go on to serve in the Covenant, and then, in the Swords of Sanghelios, finding his calling as the Arbiter's Blade.. Kasr would become a commander, a Kaidon, and a peerless swordsman, reputed to be amongst the greatest of his generation.


  • 2526
  • 2527
  • 2528
  • 2529
  • 2530
  • 2531
  • 2532
  • 2533
  • 2534
  • 2535
  • 2536
  • 2537
  • 2538
  • 2539
  • 2540
  • 2541 - 15 begins service
  • 2542 - Finishes Training - Alluvion
  • 2543 - break in tour
  • 2544 - return to Alluvion - begins to question war
  • 2545 - Draco III - questions orders, sent to Pegasi Delta as punishment - Pegasi Detal - kills 2 Spartans but is removed from the field when he is injured - this saves his life
  • 2546 -
  • 2547
  • 2548 - Meridian
  • 2549 - meridian - removed from theatre to join Fleet of Particular Justice - under brother's command
  • 2550 - Camber - Thel's vanguard
  • 2551
  • 2552 - Reach - arrives with Fleet of Particular justice, is on picket duty while main fleet chases PoA. When fleet is dissolved, he is transferred to Yran 'Uvena. During the Schism, the fleet is torn in two, and the Sangheili and Tyraxi fight off Covenant. Brother is killed
  • 2553 - separated from fleet, and links up with SoI. Performs support and ends up meeting with Ajax on a distant battlefield

During the blooding years, his Kaidon rebels against overlord - state of Vadam. He kills the Kaidon and takes the title, ensuring loyalty to Vadam.

  • 2554 - has his own command for a number of years, fighting against rebellions
  • 2555 - joins a task force alongside the SoI for combat duties.
  • 2556 - severely injures the Chirugeon - sets in motion the vengeance arc
  • 2557 - participates in joint exercise, meets ajax again
  • 2558 -
  • 2559 - due to remoteness of his posting, he misses the Guardian crisis
  • 2560 - appointed Arbiter's Blade, along with new command - the Demon
  • 2561 -
  • 2562
  • 2563
  • 2564 - new command - Hallowed Sanctum, becomes head of reconstituted special forces
  • 2565
  • 2566
  • 2567
  • 2568
  • 2569

Early LifeEdit

Service with the CovenantEdit

Blooding YearsEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

"It was clear to all present he was of the Vassal House of Revak. A pale hide, a gilded cloak covering his shoulder, and the crimson markings of a Sword of Sanghelios. But it was his blue eyes that took us by surprise. They seemed to transfix you, if you looked a moment too long."
―Diary of Vadam Elder


"You are most surprising. One would never think you a warrior of the Covenant. You have the countenance of a serene priest."


"Come, show my that exquisite Revak style!"
―Thanak 'Morom


"A promise made/Justice done"
―The matching inscriptions on Redeemer and Sinner's Lament


Kasr ‘Revak: "This is my Vyrukran. To a Revak warrior it is a crystallisation of his soul. His destiny, his desire, and his history, inlaid into fabric. This one carries my victories, and my oaths, an-"
Ajax 013: "So it’s a fancy cloak?"
Kasr ‘Revak: "Um.... yes."
— Ajax and Kasr talk fashion

Unique to the culture of the Revak clan are the Vyrukran. A form of Demi-cloak, traditionally worn over the shoulder of the dominant arm, it is a tapestry that shows, among other things, past victories, oaths, Brothers, commanders, among others. It is worn to defeat, and after defeat it is pulled from their armour, and left behind, to be ceremonially burnt, or left at a grave, and a strip is pulled from it to be taken home. Often, as these cloaks age, they are named, much in the way a weapon is.

In his life, Kasr had six Vyrukrans. His first was given to him as a cruel joke by his step-mother. Typically, the first Vyrukran received is woven by the warrior’s mother as they enter training. Whereas his siblings got beautiful, guided cloaks, he was thrown a burlap sack, and told it would be his warrior’s cloak. He took it as his own, arming himself with that joke. As he learned swordsmanship, he sowed honours to his uncle, and to his aunt, who raised him better than his parents. He cast off the cloak on the night before leaving the keep, having fled in the night when he was forbidden from joining a Warrior Crèche. Tearing off his scrap, he left it behind, like he left behind many things that night.

Casts off at Draco, disillusioned

Cast off at Pegasi Delta

Casts off when brother died

Cast off at outpost and takes up SOS flag

Casts off after wife is killed


"A Ship reflects its master. The Hallowed Sanctum was well maintained, cleaned religiously, often beyond the vision of our enemies, and hungered for worthy battle. It served as a perfect mirror to commander Revak."
―Erun 'Baoth


Kasr was born the youngest of seven children, including two older brothers, and four sisters, along with many cousins.

  • father - Urai 'Revak - uncaring, expects little
  • mother - identity unknown - courtesan
  • step mother - Ilert 'Revak - cold to him
  • oldest brother - Morai 'Revak - the loyal son, but has little to show for it, while a good soldier he is not a talented swordsman and has been otherwise forgotten by his father.
  • Second oldest - Beriet 'Revak - the prodigy, and father's golden child, though he is resistant of his father's will. He takes Kasr under his watch
  • oldest sister sister -Sihial 'Revak
  • second oldest sister - Vosin 'Revak
  • third oldest sister - Ghelet 'Revak
  • fourth oldest sister - Opria 'Revak
  • Uncle - Delert 'Revak - raised him, more or less, and taught him much. Serves as Keep elder until he is murdered by his brother
  • cousin - Firanz 'Revak - delert's son, close to brother to Kasr
  • uncle - Shaliat 'Revak - supported him as Kaidon
  • aunt - Weryn 'Revak - helped raise him, gave him feminine nickname
  • wife - Aliv 'Jadato - took on male name Alivora - disguised as male during the war
  • son - Beriet 'Revak - named for deceased uncle


Urai 'RevakEdit

"Your impure Blood cannot hope to be a vessel my Swordsman genes, you are unworthy to teach!"
―Urai refuses to teach his sword swordsmanship

Ilert 'RevakEdit

"I have always resented raising the child of some harlot amongst my own."
―Kasr speaks to his step mother a final time before he leaves for war

Morai 'RevakEdit

"Impudence! How dare you betray father’s wishes!"
―Morai confronts Kasr before he leaves to become a warrior.

Beriet 'RevakEdit

"Stay close, Kasr. I’ll take you to glory"
―Beriet to his brother before battle

Sihial 'Revak Edit

Vosin 'RevakEdit

Ghelet 'RevakEdit

Opria 'RevakEdit

Delert 'RevakEdit

"My brother refuses to show you the Revak way? Then watch close, I won’t show you this again..."
―Delert gives Kasr his first lesson.

Firanz 'RevakEdit

"My cousin, my commander, my Kaidon. What is your will?"
―Firanz supports his cousins ascension to Kaidon

Shaliat 'RevakEdit

"You have to return home. Urai has gone mad, and Delert... "
―Shaliat warns his nephew of the increasingly desperate situation at home

Weryn 'RevakEdit

"Ah, little Kariel. Look at how you have grown. You’re worthy of this Keep."
―Kasr’s aunt encourages her nephew after his ascension to Kaidon.

Aliv 'JadatoEdit

"I am the best warrior in my clan, and no man has bested me!"
―Kasr discovers his comrade has hidden her gender

Beriet 'RevakEdit


"I suppose you’re alright, for a split lip."

Thel 'VadamEdit

"Your appointment of Blade was not by chance. When I looked for Blades, there were none others"
―‘Vadam Appoints Kasr to the position of Arbiter’s Blade

R'tas 'VadumEdit

"You were highly recommended for this command. Do not disappoint me."
―Kasr is transferred to Vadum’s command

Sabial 'ChosakEdit

house retainer

Veriu 'ChosakEdit

house retainer

Erun 'BaothEdit


Chaba 'UrunisEdit



"Kalmaras smiles favourable on you, ‘Revak."
―Heliadan gives ‘Revak the benediction of her patron god

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