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The Katzec is a Tier-4, almost considered Tier-3, species located in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

Katzec; (Latin: Rex Lacerta)
Biological information


Physical description


  • Alpha Males often take an artificial growth hormone, raising their height to as high as 6'3".


Skin color

Black, Brown

Military and Political information
  • Primitive Gravity Weaponry
  • Projectile Weaponry
  • Nuclear Weaponry
  • Small Warships

Katzec Empire

Other Names
  • Dino
  • Scaley
  • Fido

Physical Appearance

The Katzecs are usually no taller than 5'6" at the most and weigh on average 80-120 lbs. They are reptillian, and have a crest on their head, almost like that of a Triceritops. The crest is approximately 2 cm in thickness and usually reaches up to 30 inches from the skull. Though, on average, this crest is no more than 18 inches long. Their calves are 2/3 the length of their calf, and their legs are 2/3 of their body height, allowing for amazingly fast running speeds, as their leg muscles are also very large and strong. Field observations note that the enormous Alpha Males are capable of speeds of over thirty miles an hour. Their upper body is not as strong, but they are still stronger than Unggoy and Kig-Yar, though Alpha Males are nearly as strong as Sangheili.

Social life

The Katzec caste system is simple, yet unique.

Upper Class (Horashae)

Upper class citizens enjoy the delicacies of life. Citizens in this class are normally entrepreneurs, politicians, or high ranking soldiers. These are normally the only ones that can afford modern luxuries, such as civillian spacecraft.

Military Class (Yerishae)

Citizens of this class are only soldiers and their families. 30% of the Katzec population is made up by the Yerishae. This group is small due to the fact that most prefer not to fight, as the Katzec, for the most part, is a peaceful race. Those who are not quite high enough in rank to achieve Horashae are often commanders of either ships or Yerial, which is a group of 1,000 soldiers.

Lower Class (Oroushae)

Of the 700 billion Katzec citizens, approximately 60% are in the lower class. 90% of these people are in severe poverty, and most can't even afford clothes other than scraps sewn together. The only barrier keeping the Oroushae from striking back at authorites is their lack of dignity. They are allowed to openly join the military, but this would be comparible to Jews joining the Nazi Army during the Holocaust.