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40px-Terminal.png This article, Kawika Son, was written by RelentlessRecusant and Actene. Please do not edit this fiction without the writers' permission.

Hayes (Vector)
Kawika Son
Physical description

Admiral (O-10) ; UNSC Special Operations Command and UNSC Navy (Ret. 2599)



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Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Kawika Ichida Son was a commissioned officer of the UNSC Naval Service and the UNSC Special Operations Command. In thirty-eight years of perennial service to the UNSC Defense Force (2535—2573), Son indelibly shaped the Post-War affairs of the UNSC, rejuvenating special operations warfare, technologies, and doctrines (culminating in the inauguration of the Myrmidon Program) and moreover he led the salient UNSC Special Forces-centered counterinsurgency campaigns that overcame prolific Post-War insurgencies on Midgard and other worlds.

Son eventually held the rank of Admiral in the flag officer corps of the UNSC Navy and attained the station of Commander-in-Chief of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He previously held the positions of Commander, UNSC Progressive Warfare Command and Commander, UNSC Naval Special Warfare Group Six, where he commanded the special mission units of the UNSC Special Operations Command. Son's renown was largely earned through his exploits with the Joint Special Operations Task Force 452—a interservice unconventional warfare special operations task force that he pioneered during his time as a counterterrorism advisor to the ONI Directorate of Strategic Intelligence.

A talented mentor, Son oversaw the ascension of a handful of promising young officers whom he championed throughout his career. These included Captain SPARTAN-G071 "Esther", commander of the UNSC Naval Special Commando Unit; Captain Richard Gregory Ives of UNSC Strategic Task Reconnaissance; Command Master Chief Petty Officer "Artemis", sergeant major to the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command; and Lieutenant Commanders SPARTAN-G293 "Jake" and SPARTAN-G219 "Katie".

During and after the Human-Covenant War, Son would operate as an infantry officer of UNSC Naval Special Warfare Group Six (NAVSPECWAR Six), becoming distinguished in the Battle of Cambridge and in his involvement in Janelia Blue during the Memory Crisis.

Eventually, he would assume position of Commander, UNSC Naval Special Warfare and would direct the Myrmidon Program. When the calamitous "Beyond Veil's Azure" crisis would strike, Son would serve as the commander of Task Force 51, an intraservice counterterrorism task force stationed on Midgard.

Afterwards, Son would rest the reins of warfare, retiring in 2599 to fully enjoy a content retirement with his wife, Chandler Danial, during the Galactic Era.

Career Service Vitae

  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor's of Arts (A.B.), Economics Concentration* 2534 Harvard University, North America, Sol System

*Full scholarship under the UNSC Distinguished Officer Candidate Scholarship

  • 2535-2536 Ensign Officer in Training, 2nd Platoon, Charlie Troop, 3rd Squadron, Special Warfare Group Two, Naval Special Warfare Division FIVE
  • 2536-2539 Lieutenant, Junior Grade Executive Officer, 2nd Platoon, Charlie Troop, 3rd Squadron, Special Warfare Group Two, Naval Special Warfare Division FIVE
  • 2539-2544 Lieutenant Commanding Officer, 2nd Platoon, Charlie Troop, 3rd Squadron, Special Warfare Group Two, Naval Special Warfare Division FIVE
  • 2544-2550 Lieutenant Commander Commanding Officer, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Troop, 1st Squadron, Naval Special Warfare Group SIX
  • 2550-2554 Commander Commanding Officer, Bravo Troop, 1st Squadron, Naval Special Warfare Group SIX
  • 2554-2556 Captain Operations Officer, 2nd Squadron, Special Warfare Group Four, Naval Special Warfare Division FIVE
  • 2556-2558 Captain Advisor for Counterterrorism, Directorate of Strategic Intelligence, UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence
  • 2558-2561 Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Commanding Officer, Headquarters, Naval Special Warfare Group SIX
  • 2561-2564 Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Operations Officer, Headquarters, UNSC Advanced Special Operations Command
  • 2564-2567 Vice Admiral Commanding Officer, Headquarters, UNSC Advanced Special Operations Command
  • 2567-2572 Admiral Commanding Officer, Headquarters, UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command

Executive Officer, Headquarters, UNSC Special Operations Command

Behind the Scenes

  • Kawika Son's name is a quasi-portmanteau between two of writer RelentlessRecusant's friends at Harvard.

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