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"Casualties will most likely be high..." -Kaylee, Battle of Installation X, commenting on the invasion.

Biographical information

UNSC Fearless

Date of birth


Date of death

Estimated 2542

Physical description

Smart AI




The UNSC Fearless


UNSC Fearless

Hair color


Eye color

Orange Yellow

Chronological and political information



UNSC, UNSC Fearless


A smart AI assigned to the UNSC Fearless to help it in it's research mission, Kaylee was an extraordinary intelligent and understanding AI, who served the ship dedicately during its time. She was present when the Fearless discovered Installation X, and helped analyze parts of it before the Station AI who would become Andrea took her place. When supplies began to dwindle in 2536 because they had left the majority of them at a small moon half a years journey away, she piloted them there, and engaged a Covenant picket in the sorely undergunned Fearless and managed to damage it enough for them to return to the Installation. When she arrived, she observed the events of the battle of Installation X, privately conversing with the Captain during the tension that followed. When things were finally over, she met with the AI Andrea, and gave her insights into herself.

During the months following, Kaylee studied the forerunner technologies on the planet vigorously, and began to create blueprints for a human version of the powerful energy cannon that had been used on the Fearless during the battle. However, before her designs could be completed, a Covenant picket force entered the system, and she took the Fearless into a Nebula to hide it. After receiving a message from the ring that the pickets had been destroyed by the energy cannons manned by marine personell on the ground, she brought the ship back to the installation, and resumed her vigourous research into the energy cannons.