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UNSC Defense Force — Personnel Command Directory - File #32456014|2511-EAR-AR


Career Service Vitae

SPARTAN-047 — Keiichi
(SN: S-047)

(last updated: 1037 Hours, 31 December 2580)

Legal Information

Species — Human
Gender — Male
Nationality — Martian
Ethnicity — Japanese, French
Date of Birth — 22 December 2511 (age 69)
Birthplace — Krovenia, Bell Parish (Kyoto Territory, Mars)
Parents — Specialist Hiyoshi <\ERROR\> (UNSC-A, Ret.) and Lauren <\ERROR\> (née Bellamy)
Colonial Security Number — 0000304-192-45298640

(NOTE: Date and place of death have been stricken from this C.S.V. as they are not required for active personnel)

Physical Information

Build type —
Blood type — O-
Height —
Weight —
Hair color —
Eye color —
Physical abnormalities —

Standard Education

Pre-elementary schooling —
Elementary —
Junior schooling—
High School —
Basic Training —
Officer Training —

Service Information

Branch — UNSC Army
Status — Active duty (')
Paygrade — ()
Military Occupational Specialty —
Enlistment — (age , ')
Commission — (age , ')
Service — years (')

Advanced Training

(in order of attendance)

Unit Assignments

(in order of service)

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