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  • Various mercenary groups
  • Ro'nin (partner)

"Far be it for one such as myself to debate my kind's shortcomings with with one as informed and educated as yourself. But you talk of savagery as if it rested only within my people. I am only a savage, stupid Jiralhanae, but I was taught that you Sangheili led us in the war against the humans, directed us as we butchered billions of them, not in noble combat, but from ships high above planet surfaces. My people were but warring savages until your Covenant lifted us up and gave us all a new cause to fight for. Whose devotion surpassed ours in the quest for the Great Journey? We fought more fiercely for your war than we had for any of our own, yet when that lie no longer suited you and your power was threatened, you proclaimed its falsehood for all to hear. You razed our worlds, starved our colonies, beat us back until we had nothing left but fighting to give us direction and purpose. You call us savages, but when my father did not wish to see his only cub sent to fight before I was full grown, it was not our fellow Jiralhanae who tortured him and strung up his corpse for our whole village to see. The local Sangheili governor took care of that.I had nothing left. So I gave myself something worth living for. Something worth fighting for. The name 'Kenpachus' means nothing to you; your kind suppressed our old gods centuries ago. But to the ancients, the name Kenpachus was the name of our greatest god, our most bloodthirsty demon. Kenpachus bathes in the blood of the countless he has slain with his own hands. He craves the fires of battle, and I took on his name, offered him my body. He lives in me. I am Kenpachus. I rip, I kill, I fight. I am warrior, I am hunter, I am death incarnate!'"
―Kenpachus to Fira 'Demal

Kenpachus was a Jiralhanae swordsman renowned for his skill and love for combat. After fighting as a low-ranking infantryman for the Covenant Loyalists during the tail end of the Human-Covenant War, he became disillusioned with the Covenant and the Great Journey after witnessing the Loyalists' resounding defeat at the hands of the UNSC and Sanghelli. Becoming a wandering mercenary, he developed a passion for swordfighting and eventually became feared for his strength and ability. Although he despised most Sangheili because he believed that they had avoided blame for the Human-Covenant War, Kenpachus developed a strong partnership with the Sangheili mercenary Ro'nin, a disgraced aristocrat who shared his love of combat.


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Kenpachus's Sword

Kenus sword

Kenpachus's blade

"My blade... I forged it myself and it has stood by me throughout all of my battles, serving me faithfully in every one."

When he set to work forging a blade for himself, Kenpachus considered several different designs before settling on his final choice. Forged from the same material as the bayonets on Brute Shots and Spikers, it is extremely sharp and difficult to damage, even being capable of parrying an energy sword on full power without being marred. Although the sturdy blade is enormously heavy by human and even Sangheili standards, Kenpachus's great strength allows him to wield it with the same speed and agility that a Sangheili warrior might demonstrate with an energy blade.