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Ketynic 'Ilwol(ee)
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Ninth Cycle, Fifth Synchron, Second Eclipse, 23rd Age of Doubt (August 23rd, 2506)


Fifth Cycle, Twelfth Synchron, Third Eclipse, 2nd Age of Freedom (April 4th, 2589)

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Political and Military Information

Covenant Empire

State of Ilwol

Covenant Separatists
United Sangheili Republic

State of Emvadson

Covenant Army
USR Army


Lance of Unrelenting Reparation

First Wave
Second Wave

Special Operations Officer (Covenant, 2552)
Ultra (USR, 2589)


Battle of Earth
Battle of Ceres
The Zeta Shield World Crisis
Battle of Ignito Prime


Ketynic 'Ilwol (Oracle Code: S5-T2354) was a Sangheili member of the Lance of Unrelenting Reparation during the Human-Covenant War, Great Schism, and Rebuild Era. A child from a poor State, Ketynic saw her only escape as being to join the military under the facade of being a male: she succeeded in joining a War College in another State under the false identity of Ketyc 'Sogum, and rose to become the best ranked marksman of her class.

However, just prior to graduation, Ketynic was discovered, and nearly expelled and crippled for her deceit. To her great benefit, Holy Commander Ameigh Broley had been watching Ketynic with the intent to recruit her into the as-yet-unformed Lance of Unrelenting Reparation, and Ameigh managed to convince the instructors to allow Ketynic to graduate. Ameigh took Ketynic as her subordinate, and she would continue to serve with the team throughout the Great War; over the course of the war, she would repeatedly clash with Ameigh's second-in-command, Jemsal 'Emvadson, but she later developed a romantic interest in him, part of a romantic triangle also including Quris 'Nephtyr.


Early Life

Last Battle of Ceres


  • Battle of Ceres
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