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Khalid was a Cat of an unknown breed, that became the mascot of Backfire Squadron, a group of SPARTAN-IVs, prior to and during the Necros War.


Khalid was born in the Wilderness on Arcturus, near Camp Sparta. At the age of 4 months, Khalid suffered the death of his mother, likely from a natural disease or a passing military vehicle. For whatever reason, he wandered away from where he had lived, and eventually into Camp Sparta, where the SPARTAN-IVs were being trained. He made his way inside the Bravo Compound.

SPARTAN-013's Arcturus Wolf, Rubra Rex, first came across Khalid inside the compound. The little Kitten attacked Rubra, biting and scratching the much larger Arcturus Wolf in the face and nose. Rubra, not being able to understand why something so small would attack something so much bigger, fled in terror.

Because of this, and perhaps because Backfire Squadron lacked a mascot, SPARTAN-B122 adopted Khalid as Backfire Squadron's mascot, and SPARTAN-B122]]'s pet.


Khalid was very fond of Backfire Squadron members, most especially to Darcy-B122.

Khalid was also fond of attention from anyone within Bravo, but was mistrustful of it from anyone else outside of the Company.

Khalid was, strangely, very fond of SPARTAN-013, who was not exactly the lovable sort. This might because Khalid deemed Ajax the Alpha Male, and simply chose to suck up, or simply because of -013's acute psychiatric problems. However, -013 seemed to not notice its feelings towards him.

SPARTAN-013's Arcturus Wolf, Rubra Rex, was quite afraid of Khalid, because of Khalid's vicious attack on 'Red' on Khalid's first day in the Bravo Compound.