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Covenant Empire
Khas 'Vadum's Covenant
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Supreme Commander


Khas 'Vadem

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Covenant Language

State religious body

Worship of the Forerunners

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Khas 'Vadum's covenant was a large group. It consisted of 5 Medural-pattern assault carrier, 3 Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer, 20 Soval-pattern battlecruisers, and at least 42 Zanar-pattern light cruisers.

Known Commanders


The Forming

Khas 'Vadum's Covenant was formed by Khas 'Vadum and some loyal commanders, and a handful of ships. Khas 'Vadum went searching for Sangheili and Unggoy. He went to several planets with 2 CAS-class assault carrier and 3 or 4 CCS-class battlecruiser with 10 CRS-class frigate. He got at least 100,000 soliders to fight with him. While Khas 'Vadum was getting troops, his commanders were getting trained. Rtoro 'Vadam was the Highest ranking commander was in charge of ground forces and the Fleet of Obsolete Vengeance. Rtoro was a commander during the Fall of Reach. Rtoro was also Khas's most trusted solider in his faction. There was lots of ships and troops that supported the faction.


Battle of New Jaxton

Khas 'Vadum and the Fleet of Obsolete Vengeance exited slipspace around the planet of Jakaeu. A Medural-pattern assault carrier was instantly greeted by a M.A.C. round in the nose. A few UNSC ships were defending the planet. Khas 'Vadum orderd a Syfon-pattern assault carrier to takeout the UNSC capital ship so they could move to taking the planet.