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"Your kind killed my brother, and all of my friends and family. Thanks to your kind, everything I know and love has been destroyed. Prepare to be glassed!"

-Kiar 'Bardenee

Kiar 'Bardenee
Biographical information


Date of birth

August 7, 2520

Physical description

Minor, Major, Ultra, General, Ship Master, Fleet Master, Supreme Commander






7.5 feet


Type-1 Energy Weapon, Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol, Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle


Armor, Weapons


Bringer of Revenge, Bringer of Death

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color




Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War



Notable Events
  • Fall of Reach
  • Battle of Installation 04
  • Raid of Reach
  • Operation: FIRST STRIKE
  • The Recapture of Kyrex
  • Battle of Hayran
  • Battle of Alpha-Omega

Some other battles.


Covenant (Sangheili Loyalists)


Kiar 'Bardenne was a high ranking veteran Sangheili of the Covenant. He first fought in the Fall of Reach, and later became a wanderer. He fought in many of the first battles in the Human-Covenant War. Kiar was very famous, and conquered and glassed many planets. The humans considered him to be a big threat. He was also a member of the Sangheili Loyalists.


Before Joining the Covenant

On August 7, 2520, Kiar 'Barden was born to the 'Barden family, who lived on planet Kyrex. His brother,Neir 'Barden was then born the year after. He had a fairly normal childhood, depending on what a Sangheili childhood is like. When he was twenty-one, he told his parents that he wanted to join the Covenant. At age thirty-two, he got his wish.

Joining the Covenant

Kiar 'Bardenee joined the Covenant on December 19, 2552. His brother then joined the day after.

Fall of Reach

Along with his brother, the first battle that Kiar fought in was the Fall of Reach. During the first skirmish with Noble Team, Neir 'Bardenee was killed by Noble Six, with Noble Six shooting him. Kiar saw this, and yelled, "I shall avange you!" He then fought in the Raid of New Alexandria, where he met Uryt 'Cartynee, a Sangheili Zealot. Kiar was in the middle of a fight with a Marine, and got pinned against a wall. He was about to get shot, when the Marine got stabbed. His savior was Uryt 'Cartynee. Feeling embarrassed, Kiar said that he could've saved himself. During the aftermath of the Fall of Reach, Kiar tried to avenge Neir 'Bardenee by killed Noble Six. Instead, Uryt 'Cartynee delivered the finishing blow. This angered Kiar, who then said, "That was my kill. You destroyed my chance of revenge!" This sparked his hatred for Uryt. Due to how bravely Kiar fought, he became a Sangheili Major.

Battle of Installation 04


Kiar 'Bardenee following Master Chief.

Along with Uryt 'Cartynee, Kiar 'Bardenee battled on the surface on the Halo, as part of Uryt's team. Uryt commanded Kiar to follow Master Chief, and he did so reluctantly, considering him to be no threat. When Master Chief encountered the Flood, Kiar tried to shoot him when he wasn't looking. Instead, he accidentally shot a Flood. That Flood noticed him, and chased after Kiar.

He ended up dropping his weapon when he started to run. The Flood followed him back to Uryt 'Cartynee, who started yelling at Kiar for being a coward, not noticing the Flood. The Flood then infected Uryt, who killed all of Kiar's teammates. Kiar then killed the infected Uryt, before Kiar fell to the ground, out of breath. Luckily, he was rescued by some Grunts who fled the battle with Kiar.

Raid of Reach

100px-HReach - Ultra Sangheili

As a Sangheili Ultra.

Kiar, now a Sangheili Ultra, then participated in the Raid of Reach. At least, in the space battles, that is. During one of the skirmishes, Kiar lead a team of five Unngoy and seven Sangheilis (who were friends of Kiar) on a small raid on the UNSC Gettysburg. The raid failed. Kiar and one Unngoy Ultra then fled after the other team members were killed. During the battle in Slipspace, Kiar manned a Banshee Interceptor in an attempt to kill all of the human soldiers. After exiting Slipspace, he arrived on the Unyielding Hierophant.

Before Operation: FIRST STRIKE

Before this battle, Kiar became a Sangheili General and a Ship Master. During this, he said, "I wish my brother was here to watch."


General render

Kiar 'Bardenee, leading his battalion into battle.

When the raid began, Kiar was surprised. He never saw this coming, but he had enough troops to send out. He lead a large battalion to combat the UNSC forces, which resulted in a large battle. During the battle station's destruction, Kiar fled, with only half of his battalion escaping. After this, he became of a Fleet Master.

The Second Battle of Kyrex

150px-Rtas 'Vadum

Kiar 'Bardenee, commanding his ship, the Bringer of Revenge.

Deciding to take a break from the war, he decided to visit his family and friends back at home, on planet Kyrex. When he arrived there, he found it under human control. It turns out that a large scale battle between the UNSC And the Covenant took place there, leaving it under the control of the humans, with all of the original inhabitants seemingly killed. This was because a UNSC general thought that by doing this, they would shock the Covenant by doing this. It would also destroy the military bases there, and help the UNSC gain more ground. Kiar, startled and saddened by this fact, vowed to exterminate all of the humans, for everything they've done to him. He then returned to his fleet, and ordered the planet to be glassed. When the fleet arrived, the remaining Sangheilis cheered, giving them hope that they would be rescued.

A massive battle followed, in which Covenant forces and humans were both killed. Kiar lead twelve ground attacks on major places on the planet, with seven being successful. During an air strike on a city on Kyrex, a Grunt pilot found four of the original inhabitants alive. After reporting this to Kiar, he stopped the glassing of the planet. Luckily, only ten percent was glassed. The planet then got recaptured, with all the humans on it exterminated.

Further Victories

After the Recapture of Kyrex, Kiar became a Supreme Commander. He lead his fleet, the Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil to many victories. He helped capture and glass many UNSC planets, and later lead the attack on moon Alpha-Omega. But before the Battle of Alpha-Omega happened, the Battle of Hayran happened.

Battle of Hayran


Kiar 'Bardenee in his spacesuit.

The Fall of Hayran was probably one of the biggest battles Kiar 'Bardenee was in. During it, he battled many Spartan IIs and Spartan IIIs. Also, the Bringer of Revenge was badly damaged during the battle. In the end, nobody ended up winning the battle. Both sides suffered major losses, and only half of the planet was glassed.

Battle of Alpha-Omega

200px-Halo Legends - Reach Assault

The Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil arrives at Alpha-Omega.


Kiar 'Bardenee escaping the Bringer of Revenge, as the ship suffers an explosion.

Alpha-Omega is the fifth moon of the planet Alpha, which is the first planet in the Kora solar system. Little did Kiar know, this would be his last large scale battle. Due to all of the recent attacks on UNSC planets by the Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil, the UNSC was prepared for another attack. When the Fleet of Everlasting Turmoil arrived at Alpha-Omega, UNSC forces attacked them.

During the massive battle, a team of five Spartan IIs and ten marines invaded theBringer of Revenge, the fleet's flagship. Only two of the Spartan IIs and one marine made it to the main bridge. After a battle with the Unngoy and Sangheili at the main bridge, only one Spartan II remained, who's name was Bart-212. He then engaged in battle against Kiar. While this happened, the ship's engines exploded, resulting in the Bringer of Revenge to start getting pulled towards Alpha-Omega because of the moon's gravity. Upon hearing this, Kiar rushed towards the escape pods, and got into one. He then had it leave the the ship, heading towards another one, called the Bringer of Death. But then, a pice of debris from the Bringer of Revenge's engine crashes into the escape pod, knocking it off it's path. It then begins heading towards the moon Alpha-Delta, which hasn't been colonized by humans.

Becoming a Wanderer

When the escape pod crashes there, Kiar doesn't know where he is. He then gets attacked by a creature that lives on Alpha-Delta, which rips off his cape are wounds his left eye. He then kills the creature, and uses a piece on his cape to make an eyepatch. Now without any means of escape, he is forced to survive on his own. Despite this, Kiar 'Bardenee kept the "ee" at his end. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


He has a brutal personality. Despite this, he still cares for his comrades. If a comrade gets hurt, he will try to help him. He also has a strong sense of revenge. For example, if someone hurts or kills a member of his family, he will vow to avenge that friend or family member. He also will flee from battle when in grave danger, such as being chased by a Flood.


  • Kiar 'Bardenee was Shacho's first Halo fanon character.
  • Kiar 'Bardenee was original going to become a Sangheili Councilor, but the idea was scrapped, and Kiar 'Bardenee was made a Supreme Commander instead.
  • Kiar 'Bardenee currently doesn't know that the Human-Covenant War has ended.
  • Shacho will soon be making an opposite of Kiar 'Bardenee, that is a Sangheili.
  • Kiar 'Bardenee was nicknamed "The Avenger," for his strong sense of revenge.
  • Kiar 'Bardenee never joined the Covenant Separatists.

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