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Kig-Yar Pirates
Political information
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Dekd Nok

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Historical information
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Covenant Loyalists

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Countless ages ago

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The Kig-Yar Pirates are a rebel group of Kig-Yar, containing 7 majors clans and 11 minor ones.


The emblem of the Kig-Yar Pirates is that of three bleeding claw-marks over the surface of a silver circle (representing the galaxy, as ancient myths believed the galaxy to be a giant silver ocean), crossed with the legendary dagger of their patron god, Kig-Yeth


Background History

The Kig-Yar have always been pirates, stealing to acquire whatever it is that they need. Because of this life style where only the most talented survive, the most powerful of the clans that existed on their homeworld managed to steal enough parts and create those that were needed to build a functioning spaceship about the same time as we Humans. When the Covenant found them a century later, they had managed to colonize both their system and a neighboring one, though all the planets had developed separate governments due to both the still slow speed of their ships and their nature to fight one another. In the end, it was easy for the Covenant to gain their allegiance: money. The Covenant would hire them for a variety of tasks, givin the job (and money) to the most skilled clan with the lowest price. This led to the smaller clans being either absorbed or destroyed; within 20 years, only four clans remained, all of which worked for ridiculously low prices, with the race itself being controlled by the Covenant in reality. Though the Kig-Yar thought of themselves as independant, they weren't; they used Covenant technology, were armed with their weapons, flew their ships and were kept in check by strict military force from the Sangheili, including various limits on their names.


After the Great War and subsequent subjugation of the former Covenant races, many clans fled to the Jaguar Expanse, from which they raided UNSC space though a few remained with the USR. Led by Kred Vek, the first to rebel during the downfall of the Loyalists (he changed his name as a form of defiance against their former masters), they retreated into the outer regions just like the Covenant Remnants. From here they bought and traded with the Remnant, buying ships in exchange for loot, slaves and services, along with hiring Brutes for quite literal, Brute force.

Rise of Dekd Nok

Kred Vek's iron rule came to a close after he was assassinated by the UNSC's Special Commando Unit; with his death, a single, uniting figurehead was lost, and the Clans descended once more into infighting chaos.
However, a member of Kred Vek's bodyguard, a young Kig-Yar named Dekd managed to rally together his clan, then conquered several others, eventually managing to subjugate all the fighting Kig-Yar clans. Taking on the second name Nok, after the Kig-Yar god of war, he not only began to reassert the ferocity of the Kig-Yar, but also created the Black Claw to ensure better protection for himself.

Necros War

During the early stages of the Necros era, Dekd Nok quickly forged an alliance with the Covenant Remnants when they offered him large sums of money, food and other things of that sort. As long as the Remnants continued to pay him, he gave his forces to assist the Remnants in their battle, even appearing personally in the Battle of Kanna. However, not long before Operation: FIRE, Dekd Nok began to lose faith in the Remnants; no matter what money they payed, the Kig-Yar would not die needlessly for their lost cause. So, he secretly began to withdraw his forces, slowly at first; as Operation: FIRE began, he pulled back most of his forces and retreated back to the Kig-Yar's fortress capital of Qarag'ta.


The Kig-Yar have little in the way of holidays, not caring much to remember past things, and not being much of ones for celebration, save enormous feasts. However, the Kig-Yar's polytheistic religion, long suppressed by the Sangheili and their Great Journey beliefs, is well followed. The Kig-Yar, while having a pantheon of gods, strangely lack many legends and myths.


Kep Clan

Despite not being the largest of the 7 major clans, the Kep Clan is most powerful and well-trained, which accounts for how it managed to conquer the other clans so quickly, easily and effectively after Kred Vek's death. Also of note about the clan is that both Kred Vek and Dekd Nok were members of it. Other notable members of the Kep Clan include Gant'J-Yar.

Nol Clan

Long ago conquered by the Kep Clan, the Nol Clan's leaders swore their lives and the lives of their subjects and all their descendants to forever be the servants of the Kep Clan. As such, it is from this clan that all Black Claw members were drawn by Dekd Nok. Notable members of the Nol Clan include Neg'T.

Daw Clan

The Daw Clan are the scientists and technological geniuses of the Kig-yar Pirates, making up the main forces of their pilot and engineer legions. The Daw clan is renowned for its' computer hackers. Notable members of the Daw Clan include [[ ]].

Roq Clan

Skilled in stealth and silence, the Roq Clan members are, for the most part, the Assassins and Snipers of the Pirate armies. Notable members of the Roq Clan include Lar.

Vis Clan

The largest of the 7 major clans, it is not the most skilled in warfare, and therefore the untrained masses serve as the regular infantry of the Kig-Yar Pirate armies, being cannon fodder and grunt workers.

Tyx Clan

Hardiest of all Kig-Yar, as well as physically stronger and larger, members of the Tyx Clan generally go on to be members of the Kig-Yar Bombardiers. Notable members of the Clan include Hop.

Buk Clan

The Buk Clan are, almost without exception, the weakest of the Kig-Yar, physically and mentally. Therefore, Dekd Nok decided not to send them into battle uselessly, but instead force them to serve as the manual laborers back home on Qaraq'ta, making the food, weapons and equipment needed for the rest of the pirates.

Minor Kig-Yar Clans

  • Che Clan
  • Mot Clan
  • Heg Clan
  • Wom Clan
  • Vey Clan
  • Yax Clan
  • Las Clan
  • Ezu Clan
  • Gly Clan
  • Jwav Clan


For the most part, the Kig-Yar uses the weaponry of the United Sangheili Republic and the Jiralhanae Alliance, as well as some left over weaponry, ships and equipment from the former Covenant. Many of the designs for the items that they use were stolen from the Kig-Yar Union, who had had these things manufactured by Pyroneous Industries. However, the harnesses used by the Pirates were engineered by them, as well as the Needle Rifle and the Energy Shell.


The military of the Kig-Yar is rather non-existent and all existent at the same time; there is no "official" military, with all members of society merely being trained from their day of birth in the ways of war and pirating, with the possibility of “officially” being drafted into the military by Dekd Nok ever looming over them. There is, however, still a system of ranking within this odd form of military, with promotions given on how much loot one recovers and how many kills.


The ranks of the Kig-Yar Pirates are as follows:

  • Minor: The lowest rank, they usually travel in groups of 5 and carry Light Point Defense Gauntlets and Plasma Pistols
  • Major: Slightly more skilled, there are usually two together, and they are armed with Plasma Rifles and a Medium Point Defense Gauntlet
  • Ultra: Commanding not only Minors and Majors, but also specialist ranks, the Ultras answer only to Captains, Ship Masters, or Black Claw members. They are armed with Needlers, Heavy Point Defense Gauntlets, and at times Needler Shotguns.
  • Sniper: A special rank, they work solo, and carry no Defense Gauntlet to preserve their stealth. They carry a Beam Rifle and a Plasma Pistol.
  • Ranger: A long defunct unit, it was brought back when the Kig-Yar returned to being their own rulers. They use the Pegasus and the Ranger Harness, and generally (but not always) carry two Needlers. They, like the other specialists, lack any form of Point Defense Gauntlet.
  • Bombardier: Wearing the Bombardier Harness and carrying a Energy Shell, the Bombardiers are armed with heavy weapons to serve as anti-base and anti-vehicle forces.
  • Assassin: The Assassin, wearing a Assassin Harness and wielding weapons such as the Beam Rifle and Needle Rifle, is a more skilled and specialized version of the Sniper, taking out key targets behind enemy lines before quickly leaving without detection.
  • Captain: Commanding other ranks, the Captains are equipped with the Command Harness and Ultra Point Defense Gauntlets, and are armed with Carbines.
  • Ship Master: The Naval equivalent to a Captain, a relatively high rank. They command other ranks, but rarely leave their ships. In combat, their skills are often on par with Captains.
  • Black Claw: The best of the best, the Black Claw are the personal guard (some say army) of Dekd Nok. They wear the highly specialized Black Claw Harness and are usually armed with a variety of weapons, though most common is a Plasma Assaulter and a Carbine.
  • Commander: The highest ranking Kig-Yar, held solely by Dekd Nok (and formerly Kred Vek), he is the leader of the Kig-Yar Pirates.


The Kig-Yar, back in the days of their freedom, had a very complex system of names, which the Kig-Yar Pirates reverted back to (the Kig-Yar Union continued to use the system set down by the Sangheili).

Most care little about the names, so only one name with one syllable is used for regular infantry and civilians. However, Captains and Ship Masters add the suffix "-Yar" to their name, and are allowed to add an extra letter to their name, the letter usually meaning something in their language, such as strength, power or riches. The special bodyguards of Dekd Nok, the Black Claw, also add a letter to their name. It should be noted that the right to carry two names is still one only held by the Kig-Yar Commander, formerly Kred Vek and currently Dekd Nok.


  • Qarag'ta
  • Jaguar Expanse
  • Kol
18 Unnamed Asteroids

Notable Pirates

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