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Kig-Yar Regime
Political information
Type of government

Confederacy/Emergency Military

Head of State
  • Grand Senator Vor'N-Ulu
  • Pirate Prince Dekd Nok
Head of Government
  • Grand Senator Vor'N-Ulu
Societal information


Historical information
Formed from

"Your life, and thus the threat to our race, ends now."
―Vor'N-Ulu to Dok'G-Lak before she kills him, clearing way for the rise of the regime.

The Kig-Yar Regime was founded after the Kig-Yar Civil War, consisting of both Dekd Nok's pirates and the new KYU under Vor'N-Ulu.


Kig-Yar Civil War

Necros War


Notable Members

See Also

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