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The Kig-Yar Union Senate, more commonly known as the Kig-Yar Senate, is the ruling government in the Kig-Yar Union.


The Senate consists of 72 representatives that represent the 12 Kig-Yar Clans that created the Kig-Yar Union times six. The reason for having 72 seats is so that the clans have more seats to determine their status (IE more powerful/rich clans have more seats than less powerful/rich clans). Once every eight years several judges investigates the clans to see who's the richest one. Then, compared to how rich the clans are to each other, they receive that many seats in the Senate. The clan that has most seats gets to select someone from their clan that gets to become Grand Senator.

The Senate rules together with the Grand Senator in all matters, except during times of war, where the Grand Senator is given emergency powers, so that he can deal with the war-situations without having to meet with the Senate. In other matters though, the Grand Senator still has to meet with the Senate before deciding something.

In peace times, the Senate handles everything that's required during those times. They handle day-to-day matters, like setting guidelines for the Trading Companies, making up laws, funding the military, setting up the economy, everything that's required from a government.

Like the Grand Senator, the Senate has a personal guard of Kig-Yar Shocktroopers, as well as their part of the military.

Notable Senators

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