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Kobold Team
Unit Background

Unconventional warfare

  • Specialty: Reconnaissance
Unit size

Five Spartans

Current Commander


Current Status

Active Duty


Kobold Team is a is a UNSC SPARTAN-III special warfare team belonging to Delta Company. The current team leader is Terry-D293.

Kobold is a tactical strike team, a designation that makes them one of the more versatile tools in Delta Company's toolbox. Comprising of five Spartans, Kobold is cross-trained in everything from hostage rescue to assassination.


Battles and Operations


Terry is Kobold's leader, a skilled marksman and woodsman. He prefers to operate under some form of cover, whether it be trees or the rubble of a war-torn city. As such, he and the rest of Kobold have become experts at reconnaissance and other infiltratory missions.

Hector is the medic for Kobold and the team's close-quarters fighter.

Summer is Kobold's heavy-weapons specialist.

Bess is Kobold's sniper.

Noah is Kobold's ghost, an ace at reconnaissance in an already stealth-oriented team.

Delta Company Roster


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