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Koslovic People's Republic
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Vladimir Koslov

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Various[note 1]

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"We, The International, have found this peace unobtainable in the last one-hundred-and-thirty years, and have been compelled by business, forced onto this march towards conflict. They chose this path for us, and endeavored to deny us any other option. They have denied us our dreams of peace - so they shall awaken to a reality of war."
―Excerpt of the Koslovic Doctrine[1]

The Koslovic People's Republic were an uncompromising communist state that wished to eliminate corporate powers and capitalism in the Sol system in the 2100s.


New Outlook Committee

Early Years: 2120s

The 2120s were an energetic period for the various communist groups of the Sol system: spacecraft construction, unification, and overall armament. Originally divided into twenty-one different political organizations in 2120, by September of 2129, there existed only 5 primary communist parties. These five merged on September 7, 2129, with the head committee all but unanimously choosing Vladimir Koslov as their leader.[note 2]

Officially unified in November, the new communist party - declaring themselves the Koslovics in honor of their charismatic leader - set forth to prepare themselves for a coming conflict.





Koslovic People's Republic (Koslovic Party)


  1. The strategic military center of the Koslovics was Ceres; however, due to the dwarf planet's distance from Earth, the tactical command center of the Ksolovics was believed to be on Mars.
  2. When fully tallied, the head committee's votes came to 23 for, one against. It was quickly discovered who the dissenting vote came from - Vladimir Koslov himself.


  1. The Koslovic Doctrine