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Machina Resistance
Kreigor Armoured Personel Carrier Model-83
Production information


Technical specifications
  • 4x 30mm cannon
  • modular secondary armament

Necros War




"Ain't the best all-rounder out there, but those autocannons'll get ya outta a fix in a pinch"
―Anonymous Machina

The Kreigor Armoured Personel Carrier Model-83, also known as the Resistance, is a Machina armored personnel carrier. The body of the vehicle consists of a large, roughly pyramidial body mounted on four anti-gravity hover engines, a somewhat unusual choice for the Machina, who tend to prefer treads, wheels, or mechanical legs. The APC is equipped with a turret armed with four 30mm automatic cannons capable of being used against infantry, light armor, and aircraft. The vehicle also has a modular secondary weapons station.

Modular Sections

Popular Variants



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