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Biographical information


Date of birth


Physical description

Captain Major






2.6 meters


Brute shot, spike grenades


Regenerator, power drain

Hair color


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Chronological and political information

Necros war



"Die, human, DIE!"
―Ladus during the Great schism.

Ladus was a male Brute, member of the Covenant loyalist and Covenant Remnant army. He fought on both Human-Covenant and Necros war.


Early life

Ladus was born on 2527, at the beginning of the Human-Covenant War between the humans and the Covenant. He passed his first years peacefully on a large city in his homeworld, Doisac.

Human-Covenant War

The following years, Ladus was living a boring life as he was working on a mine facility in his homeworld, Doisac. He believed that his life was pointless and many times was thinking himself crushing the Human forces along with his teammates, Elites and both of them gain the same honor. But he strongly believed that his species would never have the chance to gain that honor that the Elites had.

After the Great schism, Ladus was one of the first Brutes that assigned to the Loyalist army as a minor. His first missions were on Earth. He was proud for serving the Loyalist army and not afraid to take part in any battle. Very soon, he gained the rank of Brute Major as he saved some of his teammates from death and survived from many fights.

At the end of the war, Ladus took a mission to ambush a group of Elites with other three majors and a captain. When they found them the captain gave the majors the order to ambush. Even they successfully charged the elites, the captain got sticked by a plasma grenade, making the other brutes flee. After he realized that his leader sied, Ladus decided to take the lead and gave the proper order to his teammates to success. After that mission, Ladus gained the rank of Captain but he never took place in a mission or operarion as a Covenant Loyalist.

Covenant Remnants

After the fall of the Covenant Loyalists and the victory of the Separatists, most of the Brutes died and only a small part of them survived, including Ladus. He knew that most of the high-ranked brutes died and asked for being a Captain Ultra. He finally became a Major Captain in Gormus' Pack as Rukus was considered better for that position.

Battle of Vespera

During the battle of Vespera,


Ladus was from his early age very brave and honest person. During his military career, he was not afraid to face death and risked his life in many encounters. But he was also a Zealot, a Brute that wanted total control and an army to obey to him.

Preferred Weapons

Ladus was both good on short and medium range combat. For this reason, he was always using the brute shot as his main weapon and the spike grenades. His preferred equipment was the regenerator in the Human-Covenant was and the power drain on Necros war.

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