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Lancaster-class Destroyer
Production information

Revolutech Advanced Industries Seal Revolutech Advanced Industries


Heavy Destroyer


Lancaster-class Destroyer

Technical specifications
Slipspace drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Remodeled Drive


Titanium-A Battleplate


1 Space-type Mobile Suit Battle Group

3 Fighter Squadron (45 Fighters)

Chronological and affiliation

UNSC Emblem (TSC) United Nations Space Command

"It'll take a lot of firepower to take these ships down. And when they fall, they'll bring down as many ships as they can with them."
―Captain Shiro Amadi

The Lancaster-class Destroyer, commonly referred to as the Lancaster-class Heavy Battleship was a class of versatile warships typically utilized by the UNSC and their allies with the main intention of being used as escorts and support. The Lancaster was designed and manufactured by the Human contracted Revolutech Advanced Industries, a company largely known for its affiliation with Project AEOLIA and its hand for aiding in the manufacture of AEOLIA's unique technologies.

The Lancaster-class Destroyer was built after the conclusion the Human-Covenant War and were mainly paired with the UNSC's newly designed ships (ex. Diviner-class Mobile Suit Battleship and Carolina-class Frigate).

GEN Related Technology TSC

GEN Energy Harnesser SystemProject AEOLIA


GEN CondensersKamishini no Yari


G-11W Primary Defensive LaserG-17A Assault CannonG-X54 Heavy RailgunG-F12 Close-in Weapon SystemM57 Thoran Guided Missile


Aether-class FrigateAsclepius-class Medical FrigateCarolina-class FrigateDiviner-class Mobile Suit Battleship F71-X Hawk-class InterceptorLancaster-class Destroyer Lancelot-class CarrierProsperity-class BattlecruiserUNSC Aeolia

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