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The Lekgolo Combat Harness is the armor used by the Lekgolo.


The Lekgolo Combat Harness is the classic blue armor worn by the Mgalekgolo. Composed of three pieces (legs, chest and arms, and helmet), it is incredibly hard, with the only piece of infantry equipment that can out-do it in strength and impenetrability is the Lekgolo's attached shield.

The weaponry of the Combat Harness is most commonly the Fuel Rod beam-firing Assault Cannon, though a regular Fuel Rod firing variant is also quite popular. It should be noted that, in a few cases, other variants on the weaponry have been known to exist, such as a Light Plasma Cannon instead of the Assault Cannon, and, in one known case, a large blade instead of the constant shield.

The slight hump on the back of the chest section of the armor also serves a purpose, housing various electronic systems, such as the communications array. The spikes that rise on top of this hump are a form of symbolism, signifying that the Lekgolo has acquired a bond brother.

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