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Production information

Light Infantry Support Vehicle

Technical specifications

6.1 tons

Engine Power

3 guage fusion core/4 vectored nozzle air turbine jets


light Ceramic armour supported by kinetic energy absorbing laminates and heat absorbing defensive layers

  • 20mm auto cannon (2)
  • 40mm Grenande Machine Gun turret
  • 4 anti tank missiles
  • Driver/gunner
  • Secondary Gunner
  • Anti Vehicle Platform
  • Anti infantry platform
  • lightening strike vehicle

Warthog (UNSC), Spectre (USR)


Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Light Infantry Support Vehicle-VI Stormer is a Vorenus Imperium light infantry support vehicle.


The overall shape of the vehicle is somewhat wedge shaped, with four air-vent hover engines on each corner of the vehicle. The vehicle plays a similar role to the UNSC Warthog and USR Spectre, but whereas the Warthog and Spectre have multiple variants for anti-infantry and anti-vehicle combat, the Stormer carries a heavier armament for multiple roles. To deal with infantry and light vehicles, the Stormer carries a pair of 20mm autocannons in the front of the vehicle and a 40mm automatic grenade launcher in a turret on the top of the vehicle. Both the 20mm and the grenade launcher are capable of cutting down hordes of infantry and destroying light vehicles such as the Necros Nemesis LRVs, Reaver APCs, and Fury APCs. The four anti-tank missiles are located in two twin-tube launchers on either side of the vehicles. These missiles can pierce the frontal armor of most opposing main battle tanks, the most common target of the Necros war being Necros Compound Tanks. In addition to knocking out Compound tanks, Stormer crews of the Necros War also used their superior manuverablility to get behind and destroy Necros Eradicator Heavy Tanks by firing their missiles into the weaker rear armor or even perform hit and run raid on Necros walkers, rarely destroying the vehicle, but often disabling the legs or weapons systems.

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