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Light Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
Production information




Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

288-Ton Ferric Tungsten/Depleted Uranium Slug

Rate of Fire

Average of 4 rounds per minute

  • Varies upon power source



Approx. 200km


Plasma Torpedo




The Light Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, often abbreviated as LMAC, is a type of heavy arnament used on warships. It uses the coilgun system, also known as the Gauss system, to fire an extremely heavy round at anywhere from 2% to 12% the speed of light. When used on smaller warships, the LMAC can produce devastating results almost anytime as long as the operating ship has enough time to fire at least two shots. However, when combatting capital ships and sometimes destroyers, the LMAC is not recommended. Instead, the standard MAC, Heavy MAC, or Super MAC would be much better at taking out enemy capital ships such as cruisers, carriers, and battleships.

Comparison to Other Magnetic Accelerator Cannons

The Light Magnetic Accelerator Cannon is the smallest of all MAC's. It only fires a light 288 ton slug. Its closest relative, the standard Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, fires a 500 or 600 ton slug, depending on the operating ship's capability in the means of power. The next largest cousin, the Heavy MAC, fires a 1,200 ton slug. This is capable of neutralizing most enemy ships in anywhere from one to three shots. However, the Super MAC fires a whopping 3,000 ton slug. These cannons, which are exclsively seen on battleships, dreadnoughts, and defense platforms, have never reported needing more than one shot to take out any enemy ship, an amazing feat by human standards. Although these are all much more powerful, the LMAC is favored by many because it is cheaper, requires less power, and has a shorter barrel. Therefore, it can be used on smaller ships which even include corvettes. However, as many as eight Light Magnetic Accelerator Cannons have been fitted to capital ships as supporting fire to stronger weapons.