HIGH DRAGON: You are miss Sára Sorvad, daughter of xenoarchaeologist Laszlo Sorvad, correct?

Sára Sorvad: Y-yes.

HIGH DRAGON: I'm sorry to take you out of your psychiatric workup prematurely-

Sára Sorvad: Why do you care?

HIGH DRAGON: Because my purpose is to protect humanity. That includes you.

Sára Sorvad: I thought you ONI fellows only cared for humanity as a whole, not individuals.

HIGH DRAGON: I'm an exception to the rule, drága (dear).

Sára Sorvad: I am not your drága- speak hungarian?

HIGH DRAGON: Fluently, Salgótarján accent. Raised on Csodaszarvas. What about you? Tengeri?

Sára Sorvad: Igen (Yes).

HIGH DRAGON: Thought I recognized it. Now, you were taken aback by the revelation that I speak hungarian. Why is that? There's a lot of people speaking our language, especially on Reach.

Sára Sorvad: I just did not expect to another spartan to speak it.

HIGH DRAGON: Ah, yes, I'd like to know a little more about that. But first, how do you know I'm a spartan?

Sára Sorvad: The armor gave you away.

HIGH DRAGON: Of course. I would have dressed up properly, had I the time. Sadly, I'm being deployed immediately after this. Takes away the point in taking it off if I have to put it back on again immediately afterwards. Hope you can understand.

Sára Sorvad: I will live. I managed to handle five of you just after...the relay incident.

[Sára's pulse increases slightly before stabilizing]

HIGH DRAGON: Yes, you're a strong asszony (woman). Anyway, this hungarian-speaking spartan...would his name happen to be Jorge?

Sára Sorvad: I...think so. Yes, it was.

HIGH DRAGON: And as you said, he wasn't alone. What were the ones with him called?

Sára Sorvad: They did not use names.

HIGH DRAGON: What about designations? Military codenames?

Sára Sorvad: They were numbered, that is the only thing I can remember for certain. One to six, but no three.

HIGH DRAGON: Gender, characteristics, armor customization?

Sára Sorvad: The armor, a typical leader type. Male. The second was a woman, cyan-colored armor and a prosthetic right arm. Then there was Jorge - large, heavy armor - and another man with a shotgun, a curved blade and a skull carved into his visor.

HIGH DRAGON: And the last one?

Sára Sorvad: Female, I think. Did not look much at her. I do know that was number six, though.

HIGH DRAGON: Thank you, you've been a great help.

Sára Sorvad: Why did you want to know about them? Why not about the relay incident?

HIGH DRAGON: Because I know pretty much everything about that already. I didn't know about the spartans.

Sára Sorvad: How does that help you? And how come you do not know about them? Are you not one of them?

HIGH DRAGON: So many questions. Too bad I can't answer them.

Sára Sorvad: Does that mean I can go back now?

HIGH DRAGON: Yes, you can leave. Good luck with your recovery.

[Sára leaves]

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