June 12 2537

Ned Rich

The suspicions were correct. Covenant activity detected throughout the sector, moving in on Leonis Minoris. As per your request, I put MAGIC HAT Contingency into effect. Signal Corps prowlers Andalucia and Novgorod responded to the call and deployed countermeasures; signals going out of Leonis Minoris redirected and cloaked to the best of our ability, as per Article 1 of MAGIC HAT.

New Harmony defenses as ready as they will ever be without proper warning (and Cole's armada); Prowler Razor's Edge reports the new telemetry probes work smoothly. I sure hope they continue to work well, considering what we plan to use them for. It's certainly nothing that has worked before, but at least we know our enemy is coming this time; disclosing the colony's location might have been more beneficial than one would think. And if it blows...well, one colony is less than three.

MEDICI let slip that HIGH DRAGON will be on the op. Having an elite operative like him is always good, but I got the impression that he was still recuperating from his ordeal during SPECTRE - or was that just a coverup? I know we can't afford to go soft, even on our own men, but recovering from plasma burns take time (I know from personal experience).

With that out of the way, I'm going back under SURGEON's wing; the colonel was positively thrilled to hear about the New Harmony op - guess he hopes it will lead us to a target for the Sierras to take out. One can hope.


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