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Luna Garrision Base 2
Luna Garrision F/A/72
Production information


Product line

Moon Bases


Lunar Garrision

Technical specifications
Power plant

Dual Phase Reactors




1 Mass Driver (Not True Arment, for loading purposes), 3 Archers Missiles, 125 50mm autocannons,


1 EABT Division (5,000 EABTs) 60 Pilots (145th Naval Squadron, 19th Naval Squadron, 649th Naval Squadron, 514th Naval Squadron, 194th Naval Squadron, all use Rapier Interceptors)


1,000 technicians

Cargo capacity

7,000 personell




Lunar Garrision


Expansion Era, Great War, Era of Rebuilding




Luna Garrision F/A/72 is a Lunar base dedicated soley to the protection of the UNSC Flight Instruction Academy. The garrision is located in the Letronne Crater, inside the Atlas mountain range. It is located next to the UNSC Flight instruction acadmy, and the almost the entire facility is underground. It features a large hangar containing 60 Rapier-class Interceptor, as well as numerous Pelicans and Peregrine dropships. The hangar extends into the surface of Luna almost fifteen miles into the surface, allowing for hundreds of craft to be stored there, though most of the space is taken by shuttles or dropships. The base is also host to a division of EABTs, so 5,000 EABTs are on station to defend the base. The garrision features a Mass Driver to propel objects into orbit, which can sometimes double as a weapon. The base has 125 50mm cannons for defense against fighters, and three archer missiles for slightly heavier defense. The base has living quarters for many, and is extensive below the surface. The base's ultimate fate is unknown, but it is thought to have taken part in the Second battle of Earth. The commander of the garrison as of 2552 was Commander Gregory Thompson.

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