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Lunar Detonation Incident of 2397


March 17th, 2397


Luna, Sol System


Rearrangement of some Lunar landscape.


The Lunar Detonation Incident of 2397 occured when a UNSC science ship enroute to Io passed illegally close to Luna. The ship malfunctioned and crashed, impacting on Luna. The ship's fusion engines detonated. Blowing away to Lunar colonies and creating a 8.04672 kilometer crater in the planet. In addition, the fusion blast forced different pieces of moon to relallign, creating the Atlas mountain range, now surrounds the Letronne crater, going out a hundred miles, then circling it. The Atlas range has only one pass, making it highly defensable. This pass is called the Blackmoon pass, and is only half a mile wide, and at some points, only and eigth of a mile wide.