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600px-H3 Drone
(Proper endonym: Green-swift-scar-stalker-bite)
Biographical Information

Heavens-Swirling-Mountain-Darkness Nest, Megaguirus (Ka'amoti)[1]


Fifth Cycle, Twelfth Synchron, Third Eclipse, 2nd Age of Freedom (April 4th, 2589)

Physical Description

Yanme'e ("Drone")




6'7" (200.2 cm)


253.6 lbs. (115.1 kg)


Grey-green exoskeleton
Tan-grey musculature



Political and Military Information

Yanme'e Hives
Empire of the Covenant
Covenant Separatists
United Sangheili Republic


Special Operations Division of the Covenant


Lance of Unrelenting Reparation


Yanme'e Minor
Yanme'e Major
Yanme'e Ultra


Great War
Necros War


Hatched in 2526 in the Heavens-Swirling-Mountain-Darkness Nest of Megaguirus, Ka'amoti, Green-swift-scar-stalker-bite[2] was to become one of the most highly respected Yanme'e of the 26th century. Known to most as Luzzda, due to the phonetic pronounciation of his name in the Yanme'e tongue, he would serve with other Yanme'e as an engineer aboard the Endless Justice for several years after his maturing in 2528. In 2533, the Yanme'e sub-hive would be deployed to a battle role, though still stationed aboard the Endless Justice, forcing Luzzda into the role of a warrior, against his natural tendencies.

After half a decade of service in the Covenant Army, Luzzda was recruited by the commander of the Endless Justice, Ameigh Broley, the Herald of the Gods herself. Transferred to the newly formed Lance of Unrelenting Reparation in 2540, Luzzda and two other compatriots, Sharnii and Va'nma, were brought into the Lance to serve as its combat engineers and, if need be, aerial support.


Early Life

600px-Drone Flying

Last Battle of Ceres

Alternate versions

Against All Odds

What If?



  1. Named for the monstrous, prehistoric dragonfly Megaguirus of the Godzilla franchise
  2. This style of endonymic naming is based on the thought patterns of Dragons in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
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