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Warthog Knight
Warthog FAV
Production information



Force Application Vehicle

Technical specifications

6.1 meters (20 feet)


3 meters (9.75 feet)


3.2 meters (10.5 feet)


3 tonnes

Engine Power

12.0 L liquid-cooled hydrogen injected Internal Combustion Engine engine with twin Turbochargers


Ballistic polycarbonate, titanium triplex plates, AEGIS-filled resin aggregate with heat resistant kevelar layer and ablative resin.



  • Driver
  • Variable



Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"A new generation of Warthog for a new generation of warfare"
―AMG advertisement

The Warthog Knight in the latest version of the infamous Warthog Force Application Vehicle family.

Features and Changes

The M12A4 is a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle desinged for increasing the mobility of UNSC ground forces. The M12A4's engine is a monolithic forward-housed low-profile liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected Internal Combustion Engine power plant, coupled with an automatic infinitely variable manual transmission. The hydrogen fuel is burned at very high temperature with a synthetic carbon/silicon catalyst to achieve lower fuel consumption. Hooked up to the engine is a pair of parallel Turbo Chargers, with coolant radiators, wastegates and E-Boost to eliminate turbo-lag. The M12A4 features a Graf/Hauptman solar/saline actuator, and will convert up to twelve litres of fresh, brackish or salt water into hydrogen on the fly, detritus is compacted on board and then ejected, this allows the Warthog to travel 790 kilometres or 490 miles before it needs to be refuelled. The massive carbon-ceramic disc brakes and its automatic braking systems allow the vehicle to come to a near immediate, but controlled stop should the driver be ejected, or choose to leave the vehicle. The Warthog's tires have moved away from previous inert-gas pocket inflation with equally burst-proof single unit nanotube skeletons with inert nitrogen injected. The wheels are carried on four independently suspended axles carried on fully operable hydrodynamic suspension. The drive and suspension are all linked to the drive computer to ensure maximum traction through anti-slip and four wheel drive. It has the option to adjust the under carriage, optional crab crawl mode and weight balance to achieve maximum mobility. The vehicle has a fully operable CPU developed by Jotun that is linked into all the onboard sensors and engine to allow the computer system to map the local area and direct itself to a predestined position. This auto-drive allows vehicle drivers to direct the vehicle between objectives without having to drive the vehicle, allowing effective multi-tasking. The vehicle's sensors utilise a suite of IFF, Motion Detectors, thermal cameras, LIDAR systems to boost its tactical capability, along with a GPS system and a Satellite Communications Radio.

It features run flat tires as standard along with a redesigned underside, with a mild V shaped slope so that should it hit a mine or a IED, all of the explosion is vented sideways, blowing off the wheels and leaving the crew intact. Armour has been improved with ablative defensive and a AEGIS filled aggregate improving the defensive capability tenfold. The composite armour plating at resin bonded onto the titanium chassis.

The Warthog FAV has a wide variety of variations, most common being Light Reconnaissance and Troop Carrier, along with armament carrier, ambulance, reconnaissance vehicle, or communications vehicles.


M12A4 Warthog Knight Light Recon Vehicle

The M12A4 Warthog Knight LRV is the most standard variation, carrying a M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun. This version is commonly used to preform a wide variety of missions such as reconnaissance with its whisper quiet engine at low speeds, aggressive reconnaissance in force, close in anti-aircraft operations in protection of armoured formations, light transport and infantry support vehicle.

M12G2 Warthog Knight Light Anti-Armour Vehicle

The LAAG is exchanged for a Gauss Gun, providing heavy support for Warthog formations. It allows Warthog formations to provide light anti-tank capacity to provide heavy fire support.

M12R2 Warthog Knight Light Anti-Armour Vehicle

The Warthog LAAV-R is a specialised warthog used for deploying rockets against air and armour targets or for directed engagement. The 65mm Multiple Launch Rocket System fires contains six loaded 65mm rockets and more in the autoloader.

M831A Warthog Troop Transport

Warthog Knight TT

A Warthog TT

The rear section is extended and seats along with a roll cage are added. These are one of the most popular non-combat versions, used to ferry large amounts of units around behind friendly lines or head into direct combat for drop offs and combat fire support.

M12B Warthog Assassin Rapid Assault Vehicle

A specially modified Warthog, in use with the SPARTAN-IVs.

M12E1 Warthog Light Directed Energy Vehicle

The LAAG is exchanged for an MX1 Directed Energy Automatic Cannon, providing anti-vehicle support. The vehicle is especially favoured for hit and run warfare and recon in force.

M864 Warthog Difficult Terrain Vehicle

Several modifications are made to the Warthog, such as an enclosed cabin and treads, allowing it to operate in the snowy, icy and desert environments.

M12M3 Warthog Medical Vehicle

The bed of the Warthog is enclosed and modified to make it into a small medical area to house wounded until they can be taken to a hospital.

M597 Warthog Ammunition Carrier

Modified to include a large cabin mounted into/onto the bed and rising over the cab, the Warthog AC carries all forms of ammunition and equipment for UNSC frontline troops.

M914B Warthog Recovery Vehicle

The Warthog RV is used to recover equipment in the field

M917B Warthog Flatbed Truck

The Warthog truck has a extended six wheeled chassis with a rear flatbed for carrying loads of equipment.

M12E Warthog Mobile Electronic Warfare Support

The Warthog MEWS is used by electronic warfare specialists to increase the manoeuvrability of friendly units by attacking the enemy in the electromagnetic and cybernetic spectrums and increasing communication capabilities.

M12R Firehog Counter-Battery RADAR

The Firehog is used in artillery counter batteries to detect incoming artillery fire and direct return fire, as well as detect enemy air assets for directing air defence.

UNSC Remarks

"It goes like shit of a stick and still packs a bloody tough punch."

"You see those 'Assassins'? I haven't; I don't know if thats because the IVs are so damn secretive or just because they are too damn well camo'd."

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