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Technical specifications

The M12 Puma Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle is a UNSC Drone.


The Puma SUGV is a small scale drone designed for troops operating in rough terrain. The Puma is a tracked drone, utilising a self adjusting track system that allows it to adapt to new terrain, with a secondary outer set of tracks to provide extra traction and a 'climbing grip' or counter balance. The drone has a number of on-board TV and night vision cameras facing the front, left, right and rear, but its main optical cluster is mounted on a moving armature. This has a full colour TV camera, two phase thermal and night vision and a LIDAR with range finder and target pointer capabilities. The drone also carries a motion sensor, radiological sensors, acoustic sensors with gunshot tracking and an ARGUS sensor that allows it to 'sniff' explosives out and relay the position, composition and other information to the operator. The Puma has a titanium alluminide skeleton with ballistic polycarbonate plating to give it moderate damage protection. The unit is powered by rechargeable and replaceable batteries and can last for a whole day in sentry mode, or up to seven hours in constant motion. The drone is somewhat rugged, being capable of surviving a one story drop undamaged, capable of self righting and hardened against fire hazards and shallow water. The drone is capable of navigating sewers, rubble, soft sand, mud and stairs. The drone's on-board software allow it to operate either by remote control, using radio or satellite uplink, allowing a infantryman or A.I. to guide it, or it can use its own sophisticated intelligence to navigate hazards, patrol, stand guard, reconnoitre an area, investigate targets and scout ahead of a units predetermined route, with it being capable of adapting the route and mission parameters. The entire unit is small enough to fit in an infantryman's pack back and can be rapidly deployed.

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