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Dragon 1
Production information
Technical specifications

1.75 meters


2.5 meters


4.5 meters

Engine Power

Fusion core




Modular arms system with three modular sections

  • Arm modular sections
    Early models
    M41 LAAG
    M68 Guass cannon
    M11 Autocannon
    M43 HD Shotgun
    Late models
    M41B LAAG
    M54 HMG
    20mm Rotary Cannon
    30mm Autocanon
    30mm Gauss Cannon
    40mm Grenade Launcher
    MX2 Plasma Cannon
  • Rear Modular section
    Early Models
    M112 Mortar
    Later Models
    M980WAO/AM DW
    FANG ATGW launcher bin (2 FANG missiles)
    VENOM ATGW launcher bin (1 VENOM missile)
    CANINE SAM launcher bin (2 CANINE missiles)
    STINGER SAM launcher bin (1 STINGER missile)
    TUSK Rocket launcher bin (10 TUSK rockets)
    Incisor Rocket launcher bin (4 TUSK rockets)
    M71 Mortar with six shot revolver magazine

1 pilot

  • Urban Operations*

Infantry support


Human-Covenant War, Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"If you've got a mission, I've got a configuration to do it with."
―Captain James Kelad

The M13 Dragon Modular Assault Walker was a miracle of modern engineering, seeing frontline usage with its smaller cousin the M84 Wolf ATAAS in late 2552 and well through 2629.


After to the creation of the Mark VI MJOLNIR armor interest within ONI Section 3 to exo suits began to peak again. With improved fusion packs that are powerful enough to power exo suits and fit in them becoming more readily availible, powered exo suits came back onto the agenda. The first prototype was the M13 Dragon MAW/X. Standing at 4.5 with titanium and ceramic armor it was all to reiminsant of the Mark I exo suit. It possed digitgraged legs and a pair of humanoid arms but it possesed two weapon armatures on each 'shoulder' and a second weapon set on the rear. The X model's modular sections were only made to attach currently existing weapons but it proved capability in testing. This prompted the A version to be put into production, using new much of the weaponary used on the X version but with the addittion of the ML003 Missile Launcher, a four shot missile launcher designed for hitting armoured targets in direct site. On is auxiliary system it had a pair of modified LAU-65 missile launchers, the LAU 70, with enlarged missiles for more fuel and explosives, allowing it to engage drop ships effectivly. Other features include a free left arm so human hand motions can still be used, for clearing debris or operating machines, a chain saw on the left hand for cutting apart debris though saw popular use on fleeing or downed enemies along with rocket boosters fitted to the lower torso. Though incapable of flight it could perform short hops and 'skids'.


During late 2552 with the liberation of human held worlds it saw expansive use, supporting Marine forces in the tight envrions of humanities rubble choked cities, being more useful than a Scorpion Tank of a 'Hog. Often one would be attached to a platoon. During offensives they were often sent forward as scouts to hunt down armor or break through loactions thought to only be accesible to infantry.

Dragon 2

Two Dragons in action

M13B Kaiser Dragon

The M13B Kaiser Dragon was a later modification of the Dragon, updating it for the Necros War. The unit was upgraded with expanded armour, expanded RADAR capabilities, redesigned stealth resistant shape, new and old weapon accesibility and new targetting systems using thermal and night vision systems. Its new generation shock absorbers and improved vectored thrust jet engines replacing its solid fuel rocket boosters allow it to move faster during 'skidding' and take higher skyborne drops.

Weapon Systems

The Dragon features two 'Arms' with the left, by standard, mounting a wire operated hand, linked directly to a glove on the operators hand, design to replicat that movement. These also mounted a diamond tooth electronically operated chainsaw, feeding off the unit's fusion or plasma core. It is mounted on a swivelling bolt locked pivot, allowing it to be 'stored' then flipped out. Mounted on the gauntlet of the left arm, the chainsaw is used for cutting through foliage, soft buildings and, if need be, enemy infantry. If needed, the left arm can be retrofitted to mount a gun. The right arm mounts a modular firearm that can be changed to match mission duties. It also mounts two rear weapon mounts, usually for missile or rocket ordnance.


  • Arm Module:
    M41 LAAG: Three barrelled .50 machine gun
    LAU-65D/SGM-151: 8 round all purpose anti tank/air missile
    M68 Guass cannon: 25mm Gauss cannon
    M11 Autocannon: 25mm auto cannon
    M43 HD Shotgun: 6 guage shotgun
  • Rear Modular section
    LAU-65D/SGM-151: 8 shot all purpose anti air/tank missile
    LAU-70D/SGM-152: upgraded 7 shot all purpose anti air/tank missile
    M112 Mortar: 60mm one shot mortars

Kaiser Dragon

  • Arm Module
    M41B LAAG: Upgraded .50 cal three barreled rotary gun, 700 round capacity
    M45 HMG: .50 cal gun, used for optimum weight and ammo capacity at the cost of rate of fire. 1000 round capacity
    M68 Guass cannon: 25mm Gauss cannon: 70 round capacity
    M11 Autocannon: 25mm auto cannon: 100 round capacity
    M43 HD Shotgun: 6 guage shotgun: 100 round capacity
    20mm Rotary Cannon: rotary gun for optimum rate of fire and damage but lower ammo capacity: 200 round capacity
    30mm Autocannon: Heavy duty auto cannon for maximum damage for lower ammo. 50 round capacity
    30mm Gauss Cannon: Heavier Gauss cannon for heavy anti tank duty, 50 round capacity
    40mm Grenade Launcher: low velocity 40mm auto matic grenade launcher for anti infantry duty, 30 round capacity
    MX2 Plasma Cannon: Heavy plasma cannon for use against heavy infantry, 400 burst capacity
    SPARTAN LASER: Infantry laser for cutting open tanks, 10 burst capacity
  • Rear Modular section
    M980WAO/AM DW: Light laser for anti missile duties
    FANG ATGW launcher bin (2 FANG missiles): Medium anti tank missile
    VENOM ATGW launcher bin (1 VENOM missile): Heavy anti tank missile
    CANINE SAM launcher bin (2 CANINE missiles): Light anti aircraft missile
    STINGER SAM launcher bin (1 STINGER missile): Heavy anti aircraft missile
    TUSK Rocket launcher bin (10 TUSK rockets): Light rockets
    Incisor Rocket launcher bin (4 TUSK rockets): Heavy rockets
    M71 Mortar: six shot 60mm mortar

UNSC Remarks

"Who the hell had the idea of giving a tank legs?!"

"If you see one of these Mike Foxtrots come stormin over a hill, or through a building, or through a Wraith, you know those Covenant Foxtrots are gonna get greased."

"You rarely see the M13 in a all M13 squadron, but when you do its damn frightening. I was part of charlie company fighting to take Inner West a squadron of them came gliding in. After they passed the company or so of Brutes and their Wraiths pinning us down were destroyed. No casualties."

"Nothin' feels better than being sat in a giant suit of armor capable of ripping open tanks. Makes you feel like a Sierra-2."

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