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Weasel FAV
Production information





Fast Attack Vehicle

Technical specifications


Maximum acceleration

0 to 35 mph in four seconds

Engine Power

250 HP Hydrogen injected ICE



  • Smoke dischargers

7.62 AP-T MG (2)

  • Driver
  • Gunner



Recon/Fast Attack


United Nations Space Command


"I'm still trying to figure out if its a baby warthog or the warthogs a big Weasel..."
―General Romanov

The M17 Weasel is a light, Fast Attack Vehicle, meant for rapid reconnaisance and attacks deep in enemy territory.


The vehicle was desinged for use with deep recon groups and long range attack commandos, able to let them infiltrate and exfiltrate enemy territory quickly, effeciently and effectively. Though not meant for combat, it packs a punch against light infantry. With its standard 79.5 litre fuel tank, the Weasel has a range of about 338 km. An optional fuel bladder can extend the range to over 1610 km. The vehicle has good on and off road capacity, not being detered by mountains, sand or mud. Armed with a dual GPMG mount, its capapble of taking on a variety of enemy infantry. The vehicle has a three seater cabin, with two front seats then the gunner at the rear operating the gun remotely. Behind that is the bucket where another passenger can go. It also features a hypochlorite-based, fuel-oxidization injector for short boosts of increased speed.



A Weasel FAV at Camp Helspont on Reisig

M17B Ferret Fast Attack Vehicle

The Ferret is the standard Weasel but now upgunned with a much more deadly weapon, sporting a 40mm Grenade Machine Gun. With this upgraded armament it now poses a bigger threat to infantry and light vehicles, its main enemies.

M17C Stoat Fast Attack Vehicle

The Stoat again, has a larger weapon, utilising a three tube 102mm missile launcher. Capable of taking most missle and rocket rounds of that calibre, it can engage enemy armour at long or short distances.

M17D Otter Fast Attack Vehicle

The Otter utilises a v shaped, boat like body and a onboard water jet motor,providing amphibious capability for the FAV series, though only across calm rivers or lakes. Open sea, rapids or roguh lakes will cuase it top enter difficulties very quickly. the Otter can also be equipped with a 40mm GMG or a 102mm missile launcher, making the D1 and D2 versions respectively.

UNSC Comments

"Sure its not God's own anti sonnofa bitch machine but it goes like stink."

"The D and the C are a bit better fer hurtin' stuff but its still like attackin' a wrestler with a dwarf. Hopefully, you'll headbutt them in the crotch and deal the killin' blow.."

"My rule of thumb with the Otter is to never take it across with water that actually has waves, unless I fancy swimming back to shore."


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