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M19 Special Pathfinder Tool
Production information

Black River



Technical specifications

Necros War


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The M19 Special Pathfinder Tool is a specialised knife issued to Marine and Army pathfinder and reconnaissance units, in both regular formations and special forces.


The M19 SPT is a knife issued specifically to units preforming any sort of aerial drop into enemy territory ahead of the main force, such as Marine Force Reconnaissance, Army Airborne pathfinders, ODST pathfinders, and so on. The knife is specifically designed for parachutists, with a hardened tang, light weight non-slip moulded grip, guthook line cutter, serrated edge and deadly spear point for combat. The SPT is designed for both utility actions and for close quarters combat, those is often side lined in favour of other knives.

UNSC Comments

Melee Weaponry of the UNSCDF

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