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Axe 1
M24 Modular Rescue and Entry System
Production information



tactical axe

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

typically severe injury or death

  • Melee: user's arm's length

Necros War

  • Mako Axe (Machina)
  • Plasma Axe (JA)

any firearm




The M24 Modular Rescue and Entry System is a combat melee weapon used by the UNSC. The axe is made for a variety of purposes and can be used as for non-explosive dynamic entry, obstacle removal, lock/hasp removal, opening crates, ventilating fuel drums, digging fighting positions, EOD purposes and lastly as a CQB weapon, with its axe and pick heads as equally effective weapons. The blade is made from titanium carbide and the haft is made from titanium and plastic composites, with non-slip covers and ergonic grips. It is light enough to be used one handed and long enough to be used two handed. The weapon comes in phosphate covering, exposed edge phosphate coat or coatless.


UNSC Comments

Melee Weaponry of the UNSCDF

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