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M29 Survival and Egress Knife
Production information



Survival and Egress Knife

Technical specifications
  • Melee: user's arm's length

Necros War


any firearm




The M29 Survival and Egress Knife is a survival knife made for and issued too airmen, airborne units and scouts, for operations where its uses are required.


The M29 SEK has a number of features vital to its purpose, allowing downed aircrew or servicemen to survive. ITs features include the ability to saw through thin areas of aircraft skin and bond areas of the screen. It is capable of cutting, sawing and hammering a number of materials. The blade itself features a serrated edge, a strong tang with molded hand guard, high durability against constant use, corrosion and the elements, relatively light weight and tie points for converting the knife into a spear. It is electrically insulated, allowing the user to saw through 'hot' cables. Packaged in the sheath is a special tool for cutting seat belts and a diamond impregnated sharpening disk.

UNSC Comments

Melee Weaponry of the UNSCDF

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