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Mammoth ICP
Production information

Masver-Tor Engineering


Infantry Carrier Platform

Technical specifications
Engine Power
  • Armoured fusion reactor
  • Twin V8 engines
  • Heavy duty Titanium
  • AEGIS tile inserts
  • Liquid-glass composite laminate
  • Carbon fibre and heat resistant materials
  • Non-Explosive Reactive Armour
  • M41 LAAG turret
  • 8 MIM-43 Ramhorn Surface to air missile
  • 2 30mm cannons
  • 4 BGM-89 Venom Anti Tank Guided Weapons
  • Driver
  • Commander
  • 4 Gunners
  • Loader

1 Platoon

Cargo capacity
  • Two Warthog FAVs
  • Infantry fighting Vehicle
  • Fire Support Platform

Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"The moment the November Foxtrots see this coming, they know they can't stop it, and they can't slow it. They just pack up and leave!"
―Anonymous Soldier

The M313 Behemoth Infantry Carrier Platform dedicates itself to carrying infantry into combat as safely as possible and provide a solid base of support anti infantry fire. On the rear, it features a large two-story cargo bay, capable of carrying an entire platoon of soldiers and their associated equipment. The rear ramp drops down to allow the troops to leave via the bottom floor, while a hatch on the top allows them to leave via the top hatch. At the front, it can carry a pair of Warthog FAVs or a number of wheeled drones. Separating the infantry and the vehicle bay is the small command centre, containing the holographic display allowing the platoon commander to form a plan of action and a briefing prior to departing. It has a pair of front and rear stabilizers that can be deployed when it is preparing to disembark, giving it excellent stability as a gun station. It is armed with a pair of rear/side facing PALADIN Weapon Stations, a forward facing M41B LAAG turret with two bins of four MIM-41 Ramhorn missiles and a roof mounted twin 30mm cannon. Both cannons feature their own independent dual feed mechanisms and two individual ammunition drums to each of them, allowing them to alternate between armour piercing and high explosive, or mix both in. The cannon has a dead spot around the base of the Mammoth but can engage targets further away, being excellent at infantry suppression, close in defence against enemy aircraft and light armour. The cannons were ideally suited to fire suppression from a distance, akin to a IFV concept. These were later replaced by twin 30mm railguns. The turret is also fitted with four BGM-89 Venom Anti Tank Guided Weapons for anti-armour missions, firing from near vertical launch bins and preforming top down attack missions. The vehicle can transport an entire infantry platoon in relative comfort, with CBRN protection, climatic control and heavy armour.

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