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M314 machine gun
Starcraft 2 C 14 Gauss rifle by Sarayel Cropped

Place of origin:

UEGSeal Unified Earth Government


General-purpose machine gun

Service history

Used by:

UEGSeal Unified Earth Government

UNSC Armed Forces


Post-Covenant War Conflicts

Production history


Misriah Armory




Rate of fire:

900–1,500 rounds/minute, depending on bolt

Effective range:

50 meters (point target)
750 meters (area target)

Feed system:

Belt or 60-round drum magazine


The M314 machine gun is a general purpose machine gun manufactured by Misriah Armory as a successor to the M247 machine gun.

Design DetailsEdit

The M314 machine gun is a shoulder-fired, belt-fed machine gun.


The M314 is chambered for the 9.5×40mm cartridge originally developed for the BR series of rifles. The most common type of ammunition of the 9.5×40mm cartridge is the M634 High-Powered Semi-Armor Piercing (HP-SAP), which uses a special propellant to achieve higher muzzle velocities in order to better-penetrate armor.

Saboted light armor penetratorEdit

The M314 being a heavier support weapon led to the development of a new type of round for the 9.5×40mm cartridge – SLAP. The 9.5×40mm SLAP consists of a 9.5mm sabot encasing a Staballoy penetrator. The sabot allows for a thinner, lighter projectile in a relatively large cartridge, resulting in a significantly higher velocity and sectional density, providing incredibly effective armor penetration capabilities far exceeding those of the M634 round. Not only does SLAP ammunition pierce armor more effectively, but the Staballoy penetrator, being pyrophoric, can easily ignite on impact, setting off fuel in target vehicles. When loaded with SLAP rounds, the M314 is sometimes informally called the “Ghost Buster,” as it is more than capable of making short work of vehicles of relatively light armor, such as Ghosts, Banshees, Mongooses, and Warthogs.