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Alpha C2P
Production information

Masver-Tor Engineering


Command and Control Platform

Technical specifications
Engine Power
  • Armoured fusion reactor
  • Twin V8 engines
  • Heavy duty Titanium
  • AEGIS tile inserts
  • Liquid-glass composite laminate
  • Carbon fibre and heat resistant materials
  • Non-Explosive Reactive Armour
  • Driver
  • Commander
  • 3 Gunners
  • Division command staff
    • A CO
    • A Sergeant Major
    • A personnel officer
    • Intelligence officer
    • Operations officer
    • logistics officer
    • Comms Officer
    • Medical Officer
    • Attached operators (10)

Command and Control


Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"Mobile armoured command! Whoo!"
―Anonymous Marine

The Alpha C2P is the command variant of the Elephant, made for command on a division level. It is comprised of two floors and enough room to carry a divisional command and their associated equipment. On the bottom level is the main briefing room, containing the armoured matrix used by the Smart A.I. assigned to the division and a large, central holographic map. This room is the primary briefing room, able to link to command systems down to the company level. This forms the localised War Net, carrying two sub-zero chilled servers for computing an entire warfront. The map keeps track of the battlefield using geographic maps, satellite intel and forward reconnaissance from manned and unmanned platforms. From this map, the division leader and his staff can keep track of the battlefield, while also directing units and issuing orders, using briefing systems. Also on this floor is the commander's radioman and his networking specialist, with their associated stations. On the upper floor, connected by a internal staircase is a number of stations for the S-1 to S-6 staff members. This stations have their associated workstations, an A.I. interface and staff members, allowing them to dictate and direct their operations from the comfort of the armoured shell. Separated from the command bay is the front loading dock, wherein a number of vehicles are usually contained, usually for the purpose of navigation, reconnaissance or line running. The crew bay, carrying the three gunners, command and driver is also separated from the control room, but is linked by the upper floor. The rear ramp can extend down and a tent can be extended, allowing the commander to house briefings externally. The vehicle carries its own sensor modules, including a MASER dish, meta-material antennae, magnetic array and other precise and powerful communication and sensor systems. It can also extend its cables to connect to local wired systems or connect to wireless networks.

For close in defence and security, it carries four 'limpet' Spider Drones who detach from the hull and preform security patrols around the perimeter.

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