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Hippo MFH
Production information

Masver-Tor Engineering


Mobile Field Hospital

Technical specifications

20.2 meters





Engine Power

Dual V8 Engines, power plan, emergency capacitor



  • Driver (1)
  • Commander
  • Gunner (3)
  • 24 medical personnel
  • 4 Vehicle Operators
Cargo capacity

Warthog ambulance (2)


Field Hospital


Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"Its a field hopsital, with treads foxtrot Charlie sierra!"
―Anonymous Tank Commander

The Hippo MFH is a modified version of the Elephant with a sealed compartment complete with NBC systems and bedecked as a two story medical facility. While the forward turret and side turrets remain, those are the only armaments left. The interior sports 8 medical beds, two emergency rooms a quarantine room and a medical store. It is outfitted with all the modern equipment of a hospital and staffed by doctors and medics. The bay in the front is for a pair of Warthog ambulances, for shuttling casualties to and through. It features a back up capacitor and generator in case of failure in the primary power plant.

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