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M32 Warrior
Production information

BAE Systems


Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Technical specifications
Primary Armament

M3911 30mm autocannon or M72 MAC (1)

Secondary Armament

coaxial M84 heavy machine gun (1)
Embrasure RWS (1):

FGM-91 Razor anti-tank missiles (4)


not equipped


3: commander, driver, gunner


8 in troop compartment

  • infantry fighting vehicle

United Nations Space Command


The M32A1 Warrior was an infantry fighting vehicle in service with the UNSC Army and Marine Corps. Introduced during the final days of the Human-Covenant War, the Warrior saw widespread usage in both branches during the war against the Covenant Remnant. The Warrior was capable of keeping pace with contemporary main battle tanks, such as the M808 Scorpion and M810 Scorpion 2, over all terrain, while carrying up to eight infantrymen and their personal equipment, and assisting them once dismounted with heavy fire support. The M32 was protected against ballistic and plasma small arms fire, with 'enhanced resistance' to enemy fire of higher calibre. The Warrior equipped armoured infantry regiments of the UNSC Army, and armoured battalions of the Marine Corps.


Armament and countermeasures




  • M32A2 Infantry Command Vehicle-
  • M32A3 Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle-
  • M32A4 Mechanised Recovery Vehicle-

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