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The M34 Serval Legged Reconnaissance System is a UNSC Drone.


The Serval is a small, 4 legged drone designed to fit into a Marine's back pack for ease of transport and deployment. The Serval is powered by a rechargeable battery with a 24 hour life span and is directed by several hydraulic actuators. The ruggedized central computer can navigate it across all forms of terrain without trouble and it can sprint at up to 10 KPH. It possess a motion detector, multidirectional high power microphone and all round optical and night vision cameras for navigation and reconnaissance. It also has radiological sensors and an ARGUS sensor, allowing it to 'sniff out' explosive ordnance and mark it for infantrymen. It is laced with microsensors for analysis of the environment and has limited ability to climb vertical surfaces through deployable barbs and adjustable surface areas. It can be remotely controlled or set to patrol or reconnoitre independently. It can safely navigate and reroute around hazards. It has an installed 'creep' mode, where it moves slowly, mimicking the movement patterns of indigenous creatures, enough to fool ground based sensors, while making little to no noise.

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