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Arty copy
Bombardier SPMA
Production information



Self Propelled Mobile Artillery

Technical specifications

7.5 Metres


3.4 Metres


3 Metres


45 Tonnes

Maximum acceleration

59 KPH

Engine Power

V-8 Diesel engine producing 680 horse power


Amalgamated polymer lattice, five layers of alternating titanium and AEGIS plates, coated with extreme temperature resilient Kevlar

Sensor Systems
  • Target Acquisition and Designation System, Driver Night Vision System
  • Motion Trackers
  • GPS
Targeting systems
  • Multispectrum Optical Sensors
    • Optical
    • UV
    • Thermal
    • Night Vision
  • Laser rangefinder
  • SATCOM Uplink
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Commander



Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"Don't worry, UNSC Artillery is inaccurate at these ranges."
―Last words of Rebel leader Gary Fenn.

The M3 Bombardier is a UNSC Self Propelled Mobile Artillery unit. The M3 boasts incredible accuracy and rate of fire for a artillery system.

The M3 utilises a circular loading system which is full automated. Shells can be literally made on the circular loader, by choosing from different charges, warheads and primers. They can be quickly selected, the loaded and fired. When firing standardised shells only, it can fire 1 shell every three seconds, with 3 in 9 seconds and up to 13 in a minute. The barrel is riddled with coolant tubes, delaying over heating by some time, allowing up to an hour of continuous fire. The M3, also known by marines and soldiers as the 'spam', can be made even more deadly through the use of guided munitions, allowing it to get within centimetres of a target.

The M3's crew consist of the drive, the gunner, who operates the fire control systems and munition load systems and the commander, who operates the defence gun and co-ordinates with the battery commander. The crew sit in a separate compartment to the gun and turret. The entire munition selection, aiming and fire control is automated from the cab. The gun can be remotely operated by the battery commander, allowing the entire battery to be directed and fired from a single system. The on-board CPU can be directed to fire on multiple targets, within a time frame, for multiple effects, picking the best warhead, charge and primer for the duty, identifying the target type and direction. The crew have access to forward reconnaissance systems, such as infantry-mounted sensors, remote sensors, UAVs, reconnaissance craft, AWACS, satellites and warships in order to direct their fire with the most effect, even remotely operating guided shells to their target.

UNSC Remarks

"I used to hear stories about the days when artillery was out of its target by about 100-300 meters. Now we get pretty distressed if our shells are out by five."

"Infantryman's best friend. Tag a target on TACCOM then sit back and wait for the devastation."

"Scuttlebutt has it that the devastation of Kliesburg was caused by just three of these."

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