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The M56 Tactical Pad, often called the TACPAD is a hand-held tactical database system used for analysing and displaying combat information in use by the United Nations Space Command Defence Force.


The TACPAD is a notebook-sized flip-open computer that is either handheld or can be strapped to the chest body armour for ease of access. Thie flip-down front houses an backlit touch screen used to display and analyse maps or notes, intelligence, and combat information, as well as an integral pocket for an input stylus. It is typically carried by NCOs and officers up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Linked to the UNSC Battle Network, it can display the status of a commander's subordinate units, allowing him to rapidly make decisions based on the state of his troops. The input stylus allows the commander to rapidly make notes or input new orders, as well as drawing new battle plans over maps as the situation progresses, giving UNSC units a great deal of adaptability. These can be uploaded to all of the commander's troops via the B-NET.

The TACPAD can display intelligence from drones and other sensor systems, and combine the data and overlay it on the map, giving the commander real-time information on his and the enemy's dispositions. It can also be linked to a variety of support weapons, including mortars, missiles, and other indirect fire weapons to provide accurate, non-line-of-sight fire.

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