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Pangolin PTT
Production information



Protected Troop Transport

Technical specifications

7.08 meters


2.74 meters


2.61 meters


23.49 tonnes

Engine Power

C-7 Hydrogen injected ICE



  • One .50 calibre Gun
  • or one 15mm Misriah Autocannon
  • 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • five firing ports
  • Driver
  • Gunner


  • Light Transport

Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"We learned our lesson from the Insurrection. Soft skin trucks suck. Alot."
―Unknown Marine

The M660 Pangolin Protected Troop Transport in the UNSC's primary infantry and material transport truck. The design of this vehicle is based upon the short comings of UNSC Transports from the Innsurection. Its main feature is its heavy armour and mine protected V shaped hull, deflecting explosions from mines and IEDs away from it sand saving the crew and passengers. The vehicle is highly popular as a frontline transport in low intesity conflicts, being virtually immune to some anti tank and ballistic weaponary but within motorised regiments it does see more front line duty, albiet in supporting roles.

The vehicle features five fire ports, two on each side then one on the back door. Each one has a parapet for bipods to be rested on when firing.

UNSC Remarks

"Those firing ports give us a hell of alot more defence against enemy targets, means we can ice anybody who tries to ambush us."

"Those firing ports are foxtrotting stupid. You can't fire any heavy ordiance through, they're too small!"

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