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Jaguar CV
Production information

UAE Land Systems


Command Vehicle

Technical specifications

12.2 meters


3.9 meters


3.8 meters


12.5 tonnes

Maximum acceleration

61 KPH

Engine Power

100 litre Hydrogen engine producing 1200 horse power


Amalgamated polymer lattice, five layers of alternating titanium and AEGIS plates, coated with extreme temperature resilient Kevlar

Sensor Systems
  • Target Acquisition and Designation System, Driver Night Vision System
    • Motion Trackers
    • Millimetre Wave RADAR
    • LIDAR
    • GPS
Targeting systems
  • Multispectrum Optical Sensors
    • Optical
    • UV
    • Thermal
    • Night Vision
  • Laser rangefinder
  • SATCOM Uplink
  • 20mm Autocannon
  • Driver (1)
  • Gunner (1)
  • CO
  • XO
  • Radio Operator (3)
  • Sensor Operator (2)
  • Electronic Warfare Operator
  • S-2 (3)
  • S-3 (3)
  • S-5 (3)
  • S-6 (3)
  • Command and Control
  • Communication Support
  • Infantry support

Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"Drive me closer, I want to see my Marines whoop ass!"
―Lieutenant Colonel Charles 'Gusty' Zheng

The M6A1 Jaguar Command Vehicle is a Marine command and control vehicle, designed for operating command and control for Headquarters and Service Companies at the Battalion level and above, accommodating the Commander, his intelligence staff, planning staff, communication staff and operations staff. The Jaguar features a pair of powerful radio transmitter, a radio using a metamaterial transmitter and a MASER dish. The vehicle can operate with units any where on a planet with sufficient satellite/warship coverage. The Jaguar is well armoured enough to survive enemy attacks, even by armoured units, comes with its own electronic warfare system to protect itself, features a defensive turret against infantry forces, numerous point defence LASERs, a powerful hydrogen engine and a Smart A.I. to support command and control. The M6A1 has additional security with 4 'limpet' Spider UCGV, to preform close range security, patrols and infantry support.

UNSC Remarks

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