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The M6B Body Armour

The M6B Body Armour is successor to the M70 Armour, made famous by Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The armour remains similar to its predecessor and with new updates to its systems allows it to continue to see front-line service in the late 26th and early 27th century.


Energy Shields

Technical Systems

Command Targeting and Communication Systems

IFF Systems

AC5 and HUD Systems

Conjoined Systems


The body armour is made of composite materials, using a skin of nanotech polymers. The surface layer is titanium alluminide, with a underlayer of AEGIS which is resin bonded to carbon fibres. This is all on top of a Kevlar diamond weave internal layer, with a sandwiched layer of non-newtonian shock-absorbing material. The armour is of a thicker composition than that of the standard body armour, without heavily affecting mobility. The nanotech polymers are controlled through the central command system in the helmet, linked to the users neural interface. This is also connected to the CTC, IFF, motion detectors, HUD systems on the polarised visor.

It carries as standard thermal regulation systems keeping the user comfortable at all times by warming and cooling the inside and keeping the outside as a 'black body' on infrared. It is both airtight and holds enough air for fifteen minutes of operation. The unit, as standard, carries a large hydrogen battery and an energy shield. In order to survive in a vacuum however it must be combined with a M37 Pressure Suit.

The armour has a distinctly 'appliqué' nature, with the armour being variable, with sections capable of being left off or increased with additional armour plating at the cost of weight and agility. Additional armour can be applied to the shoulders, chest, thighs and fore arms.


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