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Production information




Technical specifications
  • Length: 267 mm
  • Barrel Length:117 mm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg(2.85 kg loaded)
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

8/12 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type



short recoil principle


110 meters


200 meters


Necros War

  • Plasma Pistol (USR)
  • Nail Gun (USR)

any assault or sniper rifle




The M6L Personal Defence Weapon System is a UNSC sidearm carried by UNSC personnel to supplement their firepower.


Essentially the same design-wise as earlier models, the M6L is built with new lightweight and more durable materials, making it somewhat less of a burden over older models. Additionally, it features two Misriah Rails, a forward rail and a receiver rail. The receiver rail's attachment varies (although it is usually some sort of scope or aiming aid), while the forward rail is usually used to fit a flashlight or a laser sight.

Like its sisters in the M6 line, the M6 is heavy, making it too cumbersome for some soldiers, but its reliability and stopping power make it a excellent choice on the chaos of the battlefield. Thanks to these facts it is popular among Marines and Navy personnel as a secondary and/or personal defence weapon. While superseded by the newer M57 Pistol, it is still a common sight, especially among weapon crews and special forces.

Pistols 5

The M6L/S, a silenced variant of the M6L PDWS


It uses a simple, reliable and rugged recoil operation. It utilizes a locked breech, short recoil action were locking was achieved by tilting barrel, with single lug engaging ejection window in the slide. Unlocking was controlled by cam-shaped slot in the lug below the chamber of the barrel, which interacted with the slide stop axis pin. It features a magazine release button above the trigger and a safety selector switch behind the grip, along with a grip encompassing hand/trigger guard. It uses a double action only trigger, removing the need for a hammer. It has fully adjustable and removable day/night iron sights.


The M6L saw a number of specialised variants so it could continue service across a number of fields.


The M6L Carbine is a army specific variant for weapon crews. The carbine has a lengthened barrel and integral folding stock. It has an increased range and accuracy, with reduced recoil, allowing it to be used accurately to medium range, especially when integrated with a sight, or combat scope. Despite this, it still struggles against well armoured targets. The Carbine is also commonly used by army special forces, giving them extremely deadly anti-personnel weapon at mid range.


The M6L/S is a suppressed variant manufactured solely for SOCOM. While the gun is significantly longer, the gun produces much lower amounts of noise, making it the preferred 'close in' weapon for special forces during 'low sound' operations. The suppressor can be actively tuned to reduce the velocity of the munition to sub-sonic speeds, allowing it to become near silent. The suppressor is self cleaning and the pistol has been upgraded with match grade components.


A rare and deadly variant, the M6L/R is select fire, with the option two switch to a 3 round burst. The fire selector is fitted on the rear frame. To accommodate the increased recoil, it is fitted with a stock, allowing operators increased control.


A down-sized variant, the M6L/K has a reduced size and grip, with the absence of any sights and gear, and grip guard. It is often used as a pistol for undercover operatives, still possessing high power stopping power at short range. It fits a 6 round magazine.


The smallest variant, the M6L/P is a pocket variant that is tiny in comparison to other models. Difficult to handle, it fires high-power rounds from a 4 round magazine.

UNSC Remarks

"The recoil just about breaks your wrist, but being on the receiving end of one of those things break a whole lot more."

"It just blows a big hole through everything in its way!"

"Although I find the M57 easier to use, I trust the M6L to get me out of trouble."

"A six-six combo. The MA6 to get me into trouble, and the M6L to get me out."

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